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Hidden History of the Human Race (video)

Michael Cremo; Graham Hancock edited by Wisdom Quarterly, video by

Forbidden Archeology is a landmark intellectual achievement that will take conservative scholars years or decades to come to terms with. Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson have made the revelations.
Their central proposition is that the model of human prehistory, carefully built-up by scholars over the past two centuries, is sadly and utterly wrong. (Any evidence that does not fit the model is simply excluded to make it seem right). It cannot be put right by minor adjustments. The model needs to be thrown out, and we need to start again with open minds free of preconceptions.
This is a position close to Graham Hancock's heart, forming the basis of his Fingerprints of the Gods. His focus was exclusively on the last 20,000 years and on the possibility that an advanced global civilization may have flourished more than 12,000 years ago. It was wiped out and forgotten in the great cataclysm that brought the last Ice Age to an end.
(READ: Hidden History of Human Race)
In The Hidden History of the Human Race, Cremo and Thompson go much further, pushing back the horizons of our amnesia not just 12,000 or 20,000 years, but millions of years into the past.
They show that almost everything we have been taught to believe about the origins and evolution of our species rests on the shaky foundation of academic opinion and on a highly selective sampling of research results. The rest of the evidence is firmly suppressed.
The two authors set about putting the record straight by showing the "inconvenient" findings, the research results that have been edited out of the record during the past two centuries.

Knowledge was filtered and science suppressed, not because there was anything wrong with the science, but because those pieces of evidence did not fit with the then prevailing academic opinion.
Anomalous and out-of-place discoveries reported by Cremo and Thompson in The Hidden History of the Human Race include evidence that anatomically-modern humans may have been present on planet Earth not just for 100,000 years (the orthodox view), but for millions of years!
Metal objects of advanced design may have been in use then as well. Moreover, although sensational claims have been made before about out-of-place artifacts, they have never been supported by so much overwhelming and utterly convincing documentation as Cremo and Thompson provide.
In the final analysis, it is their meticulous scholarship and the cumulative weight of the facts that is so convincing, not any sensational anomaly. 
Their groundbreaking books are in harmony with the mood of the public today, a mood which refuses to unquestioningly accept the pronouncements of establishment "authorities." More and more people are willing to listen with open minds to scientific "heretics" who build their cases on reason, rationality, and evidence.
Never before has the case for a complete re-evaluation of our human story on this planet been made so rationally than in the pages of The Hidden History of the Human Race.


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