Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"My Brother, Buddhist Monk" (film)

; Wisdom Quarterly
"My Brother, Buddhist Monk" 2012 documentary from Finland in Finnish with English subtitles

This approximately 26-minute film covers the spiritual adventure of a 26-year-old Finnish guy who is leaving the household life and his home country to become a Buddhist monk in an ancient Theravada school offshoot known as the "Forest Tradition," as inspired by Ajahn Chah and other prominent teachers many of whom were made famous by Jack Kornfield's Living Buddhist Masters, in the mountainous jungles of south central Thailand at a hermitage named Wat Map Chan. The journey was documented by the protagonist's sister. She provides the narration and video footage at the monastery and with their Scandinavian family. She spent a month in a Buddhist monastery. More at International Wanderings:

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