Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why are 15 million Americans breathing fire?

Lisa Garr (Hay House), The Aware Show; Amber Dorrian, Yogi Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

Heart burning and fire breathing are all too common among Americans (jeffreydach.com)
Fire breath (asylum.com/HuffPo Weird News)
Ever get that burning sensation in the chest? Ever feel ready to breathe fire? Why do 15 million Americans suffer from acid reflux every single day?
Millions of dollars are spent on antacids everyday. How much is too much before we look for a solution rather than just masking the problem?
The Aware Show Teleseminar had a visit from the creator of The Body Ecology Diet, Donna Gates. 
Her information about growing a healthy gut lining with probiotics is some of the most cutting-edge information on the health forefront available today. Why? Mostly because it works! 

Gates teaches health conscious individuals how to grow our own probiotics to build super-strains of healthy bacteria in the tummy so we will never need antacids again.
Want to learn the secrets of reversing the effects of aging, getting more energy, and building beauty from the inside out? Listen to this show and learn how sugar makes us age faster and causes candida to grow in the body.
Probiotics, such as those found in coconut water kefir, help us reduce cravings for sugar. They balance our blood-sugar levels. It's lovely and delicious with a tangy lactic acid taste that, paradoxically, means less acidity and better breath. 
Videos in this special offer contain cooking segments on how to make probiotic-rich foods and drink and offer many other healthy recipes to love. More

(BodyEcology.com) Control weight with a vegetable culture-starter. Donna
Gates shows how to make delicious raw cultured veggies on Kevin Gianni's
Renegade Health show in Part 1 of 3 in this series ().

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