Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hooray, Lesser-of-Two-Evils wins! (video)

Wisdom Quarterly (EDITORIAL) Updated
Dalai O'Lama (elephantjournal.com)
Strippers don't lie. Exactly as predicted, President Obama wins by a landslide. Why? Because we have the best democracy money can buy. It didn't matter what citizen voters, We The People, were going to say: The Electoral College system ensured that the MIC got their man, that Wall Street got their man, that the system got its man. I wish we had our man. What does it mean for the country and the world? Four more years of the same thing, only worse -- wars, hypocrisy, and crashing individual currencies and the world economy [a word which used to mean "household management" not "business" outside the home]. Of course Barry Soetoro Obama was better than Mormon Bishop Willard Romney; that's why he was selected to run as a patsy straw man against a popular president and a great orator, perhaps the best this country has ever had. (Republicans would probably say the actor Reagan was better at reading the teleprompter and uttering sweet inaccuracies about the economy, but be that as it may).

"Non Sequitur" by Wiley Miller (gocomics.com)
It's over, and we're in five wars staring down the barrel of an Internet-telephony gun aimed at Iran. So let's see, American armed forces under the control of the MIC, CIA, Pentagon, NSC, NSA, and shadow government are waging war -- our only real export -- against Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Libya...and China (but only covertly since our leaders only believe in asymmetrical warfare). The American economy is NOT taking a dive; it's being pushed off the cliff like a diver in Acapulco. Obama is a good man, potentially a great man, but only if WQ, Smiley and West, and others keep his feet to the fire to rise to his greatness and stop being a convincing mouthpiece for everything that's wrong with government, corporate interests (like pharmaceuticals and entertainment), and the military. (How much do you suppose Romney was paid to be such a miserably poor candidate propped up by the rightwing media? Does anyone think the Obama Administration will stop killing people with drones or start piping tar sands, stop spying on citizens and threatening them with indefinite detention or oppose corporate atrocities?)

Epic Rap Battles: Romney vs. Obama (with Abraham Lincoln)

What's wrong with B.S. Obama?

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