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Mermaids were real (video)

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (AngelTherapy.com); Ashley Wells, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly
() Virtue, guitarist for Obsidian (with Mark Watson and Tatiana), and friend Angela Hartfield go on a mermaid adventure to the Obsidian song "Find That Place." Concert footage from March 2011 Vancouver show; ocean footage in Kona, Hawaii, Fiji; video footage and editing by Jeff Leicher at Jack's Diving Locker, Kona; concert footage by Michael Allen.
Bhumi-devi Doreen Virtue (angeltherapy.com)
If dogs are man's best friend, dolphins are women's. And it's okay. According to geneticists and other scientists examining fossilized structures, dogs and dolphins evolved one to the other. They are both mammals breathing atmospheric air rather than strictly depending on air filtered from water through gills.
AQUATIC APE theorists are onto something! And everything Virtue is saying is strangely echoed in something the Buddha's chief male disciple Maha Moggallana, "foremost in psychic powers," said about mermaids in the middle of the ocean, according to Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation of the Middle Length Discourses (MN 50.25) :

"In the middle of the ocean
There are mansions aeon-lasting,
Sapphire-shining, fiery-gleaming
With a clear translucent lustre,
Where iridescent sea-nymphs dance
In complex, intricate rhythms."
(MN 50.25, Ven. Nanamoli/Bhikkhu Bodhi translation)

There be dragons too (Evs in Nz)
Last night Dr. Virtue dazzled millions by talking about the reality of mermaids on Coast to Coast. They really used to exist on Earth, the surface of which was made to cover 70% of this planet.  The water was brought here. And our bodies are 70% water. Because mer-persons (mer meaning mar, maritime, marine, "ocean"), once as common as dolphins, were killed off, they came to exist only as earthbound-devas, subtle energy light beings, water-delighting fairies. Seamen have been spotting them for millenia.

The archetype is powerful in our collective consciousness. We all recognize them. Many of us are drawn to them. And Dr. Virtue makes it possible with the help of modern technology and a variety of unifin/monofin models.

From Coast to Coast
Spiritual psychologist Doreen Virtue was on Coast to Coast discussing her study of mermaids and mer-people, as well as dolphins and their possible connection to Atlantis and the star Sirius.
The Dogon people of Africa knew this, having been told by visitors from the Dog Star (Sirius, Canis Majoris).
(Canvas of Light/flickr.com)
Based on her research of both ancient texts and artifacts, as well as past life regressions she herself has conducted, Dr. Virtue concludes that mer-people absolutely existed and were separate from manatees, dolphins, and bipedal humans. "These were real beings who used the gills that humans are always born with but that cover over as the embryo grows, and were able to consume the oxygen that was in the water," she said. More
  • DOLPHINS are as intelligent (or more so according to her and the HHGTTG) as humans. Civilians recently blocked a military-industrial complex (MIC) plan to sonically blast the waters in front of a nuclear plant in California, which would have harmed countless water mammals and possibly led to the kind of seismic activity it purported to be studying.
  • ANGELS (devas, messengers, divas, lit. "shining ones") have something to tell us. Eat organic produce. "The reason is the angels are trying to get us off the toxic GMOs," she reveals, "so these guardians are trying to keep us safe, keep us healthy, and not be victims of the depopulation scheme." 
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