Monday, November 5, 2012

Better than Romney, WORSE than Bush (video)

Ashley Wells and Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly; (Posted Oct. 26, 2012) (Third-Party Presidential Debate 2012) Moderated by Larry King. Hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation at the Chicago Hilton, it covers the economy, "war" on drugs, civil liberties, medical marijuana, education, foreign and domestic policy.
"Obama wins! Romney never had a chance," the headlines will read. All this "dead heat" nonsense will evaporate like Dole's chances against Mr. Hillary Clinton. B.S. Obama may not survive his unlucky stars, according to psychic-astrologer Sean David Morton, but barring that, Mitt Rmoney never had a chance. It's easy to call him an incompetent "idiot," as Jon Stewart does (below). But we suspect that when he makes his first billion, the Old Boys' Club (global elite) will let him in on the secret of why he never had a chance of "winning."
How can you "win" staged elections without The Producers being in on it? Those who decide the outcome do most of their work during the parties' primaries and selection process in the first place. If We The People had had our way, environmentalist and legacy-rancher Al Gore (whose wife Tipper wanted to censor music with PMRC) would have spared us all the horrors of Dicks Cheney and Bush, but who actually runs this world?

How could our beloved leader, our Commander and Chief, the future emperor of the world be any worse than his predecessor George W. Bush? Revolutionary commentator Bob Avakian, an actual socialist/communist, explains in detail.

Innocent child asks Mr. Cool: "Why do people hate you?"

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