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Justin Bieber loses itchy beard; Tadolf Swiftler

Bela and Amber Dorrian, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly (Schadenfreude Series)
Don't cry; we're in public! - Was it that I vomited or threats from my fans? (PerezHilton)
Jubilation at the offices of WQ: He's on the market again! Now that that woman is finally out of the way.
Celebrities are disposable; gossip is priceless. The Biebs may have hit the jackpot at MTV, but Selena's been (7-year) itching to get out of their glamorous relationship, which we speculate was arranged by their agents as a PR stunt.
The Doll (
Of course, the break up may have something to do with BeelzeBeeber vomiting on stage recently. That does not go over too well with anxious ingenues trying to make names for themselves. But I remember when the lesser half of JuSe (juicy) was getting death threats from 'tweens all over the world for kissing the biggest hairdo since Elvis' pompadour and the Beatles' bowl cuts.
"This is another swipe against Canada," complains editor Amber Dorrian. But Perez Hilton seems gleeful, and did you hear the over schadenfreude over at TMZ Central?

"Hey don't laugh, T-Lot; he took me back."
Don't you worry, BeeBee, someone will come along before long. Oh, say what? Reports are coming in that Beeb's agent is really earning his take this week: his contractual agreement is already sporting an angelic armcharm all about town -- Victoria's Secret "angel" Cara Delevingne (who was just dating Harry Styles of One Direction), tweeted proof that "sweet" JB was out on a date with here.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and the rest of the film's cast answer questions at the world premiere. See it

Tadolf Swiftler loses Kennedy beau
Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Parody of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
Goddess or demi-goddess Tadolf? (
If the devas (demigods, divas, deities) can't stay together, what hope is there for us mere mortals? The devas are the unbelievably beautiful hybrid space people. Aliens, far from being little green men, are Nordic blonds with dreamily-colored eyes, powerful Amazonians, and so on.
They create bloodlines that hold the world enthralled with their shenanigans: Note the behavior of the ancient Roman, Greek, and Indian pantheons as well as the Pharaoh and European royalty. 
 They suffer from more cupidity, lust, reckless abandon, jealousy, vengeance, spite, and pettiness than the humans who adore them. Plus they are long-lived, radiant, and (usually) graceful. 

Nicki Roman Minaj wants all y'all @$%#hs to know!
In their day, they were the stars. Today they are bigger than ever thanks to the reverse-engineered means of mass media our scientists have developed before we were ready.
Look what TV did to the planet less than a century before and before that the phone. Now they are combined, and we can't get enough. Do not underestimate the power of the devas. It is not for naught that we remember them.
Remembering the Devas
Bronze devi statues on the Buddhist island of Lantau, China (Evs in nz/
The Buddha advised the deva-adoring Indian public of his day to -- rather than adoring, worshipping, and/or asking boons of the "shining ones" -- recollect the devas' virtues (deva-anussati). Consider the fact that by way of karma, one can be reborn a deva. That is not so difficult in the scheme of things. Keeping the precepts, five or eight, is enough. If one does nothing more, one need not even wish for this result. It may happen on its own. The correspondence is startling. Do the people of today not behave exactly as they did in days of olde? Fans and fanatics for pantheons -- Vedic, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Gobekli Tepe, and extending back into our misty prehistory drawing on cave walls. Here is the recollection the Buddha taught (AN 11.13):

Upppalavanna Theri - the Buddhist Lakshmi
Recollect the devas: "There are the devas of the Four Great Space Kings, the devas of the space Realm of the Thirty-Three, the devas of the Hours, the Contented Devas, the devas who delight in creation, the devas who wield power over others' creations, the devas of Brahma's retinue, the devas beyond them.

"Whatever confidence (saddha, faith, conviction, belief) they were endowed with when they fell away from this life and re-arose there (in that deva realm), the same sort of confidence is present in me. [I have the power of conviction, too.]
Birth of the devi Venus
"Whatever virtue (sila, precepts, morality, ethics) they were endowed with..., the same sort of virtue is present in me. [I have the power of virtue, too.]

"Whatever learning (suta, study, knowledge, memorization) they were endowed with..., the same sort of learning is present in me.

"Whatever generosity [dana, liberality, giving, unselfishness] they were endowed with..., the same sort of generosity is present in me.
"Whatever wisdom (panya, insight, knowledge, discernment) they were endowed with..., the same sort of wisdom is present in me."
Demigods Justin and Selena (USmag)
"At any time when a disciple of the noble ones (arya, enlightened) is recollecting the confidence, virtue, learning, generosity, and wisdom found in oneself and the devas, that person's mind is at that time freed of passion, freed of aversion, freed of delusion.
"One's mind/heart advances straight based on the devas (their qualities). And when the heart/mind is advances straight, the disciple of the noble ones gains a sense of the goal, gains a sense of the Dharma, gains joy connected with the Dharma.
"In one who is joyful, rapture arises. In one who is rapturous, the body grows calm. One whose body is calmed senses pleasure (piti). In one sensing pleasure, the mind becomes concentrated, collected (samadhi).
"Mahanama, you should develop this recollection of the devas while walking, while standing, while sitting, while lying down, while busy at work, while resting at your home crowded with children."

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