Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Forbidden Archeology: UFOs of India (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly
Michael Cremo addresses the monthly MUFON LA meeting, Universalist Unitarian Church, Studio City, on the extreme antiquity of humans on Earth and written documentation of UFOs in ancient Sanskrit texts (WQ).

Part I: Spacecraft in Ancient Sanskrit Texts

Accounts of Spacecraft in Texts of Ancient India
THE VALLEY, California - Last night the Mutual UFO Network of Los Angeles hosted scientist Michael Cremo who read and translated ancient Sanskrit texts, such as the Puranas or "Histories," explaining the nature of the universe.
Just as the Buddha asserted, there are three distinct spheres (lokas): kama, rupa, and arupa or sensual, fine-material, and immaterial. MUFON's interest is in UFOs and extraterrestrials rather than cosmology as such.

But Cremo made the link: There are three distinct kinds of UFOs (vimanas) depending on which sphere it is from. There are gross/dense machines, subtle-light vehicles, and "spiritual" craft. We can think of it in modern terms as ordinary Grey/MIC/Nazi saucers, vehicles used for dimensional travel, and mind-only (non-material) craft.

PART II: Spacecraft in Ancient Sanskrit Texts
 PART III: Spacecraft in Ancient Sanskrit Texts

Cremo distinguishes authentic Sanskrit texts of great antiquity from later "channelled" materials like the Vimanika Shastra, which may shed light on the matter but are not writings from yogis in the Himalayas. One amazing aspect is that when Dhurva meditated in the Himalaya, beings came down in a craft to take him to their world in another sphere. Earth is a world in the Sensual Sphere, and those beings were from a fine-material world or higher). 
And this is the amazing thing: As he entered the craft, his body became like theirs. He had already understood by meditation that consciousness was separate, or at least separable, from his earthly body. He was transformed upon entering the craft and recounts in the texts that the craft became transparent and he saw the planets in our solar system passing, and they passed through other higher-dimensional planets on their way to their destination.
Live in Los Angeles
MUFON LA proudly presents Michael Cremo this month. In this rare (perhaps twice a decade) event, one of our favorite scientists reveals stunning findings. His research forms much of the basis of our view about Earth. His science is in line with a firm grasp of Vedantic and Puranic Hindu and Buddhist cosmologies, which he uses to tie together the story behind forbidden artifacts. What do they reveal? Past life and technology on our planet is much older and far more advanced than we can easily conceive. There is no denying that the forbidden truth is much stranger than the mandatory fiction in our college textbooks due to the knowledge-filterers and science suppressors. We "evolve," of course, but we were "created" (genetically manipulated) as well.

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