Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Frank J. Jerome, D.D.S, Tooth Truth (New Century Press, pp. 370-371); Wisdom Quarterly
The Buddha had 40 magnificent teeth, straight and white, partly because he was born in the East, partly because they are part of the major Marks of a Great Man (KanikaBadwal).

Why do we have wisdom teeth? This is a question many patients ask. We have wisdom teeth for the same reason we have front teeth. 
Have you ever asked, "Why do we have front teeth?" Probably not, because they do not cause problems. So the question should be, "Why do wisdom teeth cause problems?"

Are they left over from caveman days when our mouths were bigger and will they eventually disappear from human beings? These are possibilities, but it is much more probably that the problem is cause by us. The truth may be found by looking at people in other countries, countries with a more natural diet than ours.

Teeth in Other Countries
Novices, Ladakh, Buddhist India (Sayid Budi)
When Dr. Weston Price toured the world in the 1930's, he found that it was the influence of Western diet that had the most to do with the improper growth of the body, including the jaws which hold the teeth.

When the jaws do not develop to their full size, they are too short to hold all 32 teeth. The last ones in are the wisdom teeth, and there is no room left.

This crowding is also seen with the eye-teeth (canine or cuspid), which may come in like tusks in people with small arches. We do not wonder if we will be losing our eye-teeth through evolution.

If you consider the full meaning of this information, you will understand this this same lace of space caused by our diet is the reason that millions of American teenagers continue to need braces year after year.

Have you ever wondered how the billions of poor people around the world get along without an orthodontist to handle all their crooked teeth? For the most part they don't need them because their teeth are not crooked. 

Having orthodontists to fix our ids is not a luxury Americans can afford because we are a rich, but because our diet causes the crowded teeth. And the more generations that are on the Western diet, the worse the problem becomes. The solution has been know for generation but the only response by the dental schools is to produce more orthodontists. (See "Braces.") [Prevention first then treatment.] More
Dr. Hulda Clark [Cure For All Diseases] has sparked a growing debate on the way diseases are treated. Her one-woman crusade to help people escape the archaic methods of many medical practices has take root. ...Her claim is that the body is self-healing, once we can clean up the body of toxins, bacterial invasion, poor nutrition, and parasites [which her device detects and eliminates], is echoed throughout the literature. She has joined earlier voices against the toxic effects of dental materials (p. 35).


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