Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How do American kids learn to torture?

Wisdom Quarterly; Johnathan Hobin (artist) "In the Playroom"
"A-Boo-Grave," children reenact US military atrocities (Johnathan Hobin/
CIA adults play at torture (ministerfaust)
(David Ozanich/ The Awl highlights the “intentionally scandalous” photo series “In the Playroom” by Canadian Jonathan Hobin that features kids in tableaux taken from news headlines. Macleans has the full story as well as a slide show of the photos in question. 

Report: It is "indisputable" that USA tortures
Naga ("Game of Thrones")
(BBC) An independent examination of the US rendition program after 9/11 has concluded that it is "indisputable" that America tortured prisoners and that the country's highest officials were responsible.
A 580-page report published on Tuesday [April 16, 2013] by the Constitution Project, a non-partisan Washington-based thinktank, concludes that the program was unjustified and counterproductive, damaging to the country's reputation.
What's for dinner? 14 y.o. brain!
And [it] has placed US military personnel at risk of mistreatment if they are themselves taken prisoner.
In findings similar to those of a report published two months ago by the New York NGO Open Society Justice Initiative, the study concludes that... More

The Kill Team: US soldiers at "play" on the job killing helpless civilians
9/11 in playroom (Johnathan Hobin screen shot/
Shocking false flag fallout (Steve Ludlum/

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