Thursday, May 9, 2013

Buddhist Life on the Isle of Man (audio)

Pat Macpherson and Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; (Public Radio International)

Water nymphs (
(PRI) A spring snow storm battered England, Scotland, and Wales last week. [The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain.] And communities on the Isle of Man are continuing to struggle. Thousands of farm animals are thought to have died -- and thousands of people are still without power. [The World's] Marco Werman speaks with James Davis, host of Mandate, a current affairs program on Manx Radio.

Laughing Buddha
Sitting at the LBC restaurant, a premier Chinese food joint on the Isle of Man, gives one pause for thought. It has been recommended by Best of Isle of Man members as one of most enjoyable places to eat on the island.
Tucked away in a secluded area off Prospect Hill (at the back of Marks and Spencers) arrived at by a flight of steps, the moment one steps inside one realizes something. I'm in for a treat. Buddhism made it to this outpost on the Irish Sea.
There is a Zen group, devotional Japanese Buddhist Nichiren, a Tibetan nun (inner peace with Kelsang Gayki), even a Hindu ashram. There is also a Theravada Buddhist sangha ("community") with a Sangha ("monastic community") thanks to

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