Monday, May 13, 2013

Living Buddhist Master: Ajahn J

Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Jack Kornfield (Spirit Rock), Modern Buddhist Masters (Chp. 15)
Buddhas with golden complexion crowned by flame indicating enlightenment (WQ)

American Dharma teacher Jack Kornfield wrote about his quest for enlightenment in Southeast Asia, particularly the dwindling forests of Isan, Northeast Thailand
There and in Burma, hidden in the jungles, he found authentic teachers practicing in line with the Buddha's admonishment to go the Middle Way on this gradual path (beginning with serenity, even to the extent of absorption, jhana), which like the rivers emptying into the sea, lead to the ultimate goal of freedom

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Ajahn Jumnien (
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Freedom permeates the Buddha's teaching like the flavor of salt permeates the oceans. Among the "masters" -- those who mastered the path of serenity-and-insight meditation taught by the historical Buddha -- Ajahn Jumnien (born in southern Thailand, abbot of Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi) is exemplary as a living teacher and transmitter of the Dharma. He will be coming to Los Angeles and Washington to offer two intensive retreats in June, 2013. So here we present his story as recounted by Kornfield. More

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