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How to WIN the PowerBall Lottery

Dhr. Seven, Ven. Karunananda, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly (KARMA CLASS)
Even devas and brahmas on heavenly planes need more merit (West Virginia Wisdom)
Kent Brockman of "The Simpsons" fame can offer some advice (FOX TV)

The interstate Super Lotto Mega Jackpot is overheating. No one beat the odds, and the pot is rolling over -- with a payout of over half a billion dollars.
The arhat Ven. Sivali
This means long lines at liquor stores all over Los Angeles (City of Dreamers) and throughout the Golden State, which now accounts for 11% of sales. After just a few short weeks of being in the official POWERBALL dreamer-tax scheme, aka "lottery," California is set to set the records on sales without a single win.

So you've decided to gamble. It's only $2.00, and the excuse is that it's fun, when in fact it is a reasonable investment with a slim chance of winning but big rewards if the "karma gods" (gloss devas) will allow it.

"You've got to be in it to win it," the propaganda goes. One needn't be since one might find a stub if it were "meant to be," or one might receive a gift of a ticket. No, the only thing that's sure is that the buyer is becoming a gambler. Therefore, to maximize the odds, here are four easy steps to follow:

The enormity of Anathapindika's monetary dana (generosity)
Pray: Petition, no! Isaiah-Effect, yes! (Ding_Zhou)
STEP 1. Get a hold of two dollars because ONE ticket is enough. (Do not borrow them). Contrary to what mathematicians and actuaries can clearly "prove," one does NOT double one's chances by buying a second ticket. One may, in fact, be jinxing oneself with doubt. One ticket is enough.

STEP 2. Generate uninterrupted thoughts of being deserving based on past wholesome karma (kusala kamma), such as acts of generosity, reverence, contemplating the Marks of Existence, veneration of the enlightened, giving peace to others, and so on. (There are at least Ten Courses of Wholesome Action). Tap into the karma of others -- such as the Buddha, the arhats, Ven. Sivali, Anathapindika, and other accomplished individuals -- by bringing it to mind then approving and applauding their acts, which is wholesome mental and verbal activity for the one so engaged.
  • NOTE: Karma is NOT "cause and effect," a definition which stipulates an "equal and opposite reaction." It is not that. Karma is exponential, redounding in deisrable and undesirable consequences, like a rock thrown at a target that continues on its path, initiating a cascade of effects (karmic results, of which there are two distinct kinds, fruits or phala and mental-resultants or vipaka) and further causes.
STEP 3. Choose numbers intuitively rather than deductively, going with unthought-through series of selections. Each number is an individual choice. Of course some numbers do occur more frequently, particularly those in the 40-49 range. This is denied by officials in spite of the fact that there have been many complaints. Unless one is prepared to conduct a statistical study for no remuneration, which is a lot like purchasing tickets weekly or more often, it is best to follow one's heart. If one is able to hold uninterrupted thoughts (beneficial memories) of well-done deeds, then do a quick-pick, that is, allow the computer to choose the numbers. Otherwise, come prepared with the number choices written out and confirm that those are what the purchased ticket show.

STEP 4. Now preparing one's heart to win is vital if one is going to follow it. For "it will be a long time before the mind knows in detail what the body already perfectly understands." The best preparation is purification through concentration. 
Motivated by greed or karmic-result?
"Concentration" (samadhi) does not mean straining, but rather soft focusing, bringing attention back to a single point or object until it delights in the stillness and remains absorbed as all other stimuli drop away. Samadhi means something like altogether whole, with consciousness working undiluted. It may be possible to pull the numbers from a more natural hypnogogic state when one is awakening from sleep in the morning or from a nap. (Binaural beats may accomplish the same thing). 
  • NOTE: Will an intentional bubble of protection before opening in meditation as there are inimical influences around that can take advantage. And aspire to meet with the results of all beneficial acts, the greatest being those of one's own development.
Sivali amulets/charms from Thailand
For example, the Buddha said contemplating radical-impermanence for the duration of a finger snap was more beneficial and fruitful than a great deal of generosity and giving to unenlightened beings such as gods, spirits, moral individuals, ordinary persons, immoral individuals, and inferior being on lower planes. But he meant practicing insight/vipassana in line with the 12 Links of Dependent Origination  after emerging from absorption/jhana, not simply thinking "Things are impermanent" in a prompted or unprompted manner.

RECAP: 1. Get two dollars, 2. again and again reflect and contemplate the merit or wholesome karma accrued over many lives, 3. choose the numbers intuitively while doing this or hold it powerfully when the computer is randomly generating a quick-pick, and 4. rather than hoping to win or staying in a state of lack give gratitude. Time is mutable, and what we choose now affects the past by means of what Europeans called the way of the wyrd. Reality is strange. Hold an intention, and it will have a way of manifesting that could not be mapped out by the mind/heart wishing it.

KARMA "It's Everywhere You're Going To Be"
SPECIAL NOTE: According to an enlightened Buddhist nun and teacher alive today, winning will be a kind of spending or cashing in on merit (good karma), which can then be enjoyed for 50 years or less, depending one when one wins. If, instead, that merit were to come to fruition as one was passing on, it would lead to a fortunate rebirth that might last millions of years, with celestial bliss. Therefore, when you win, earn more: Keep generating more and more merit, more and more wholesome karma in addition to enjoying yourself. It will come in handy everywhere and in every endeavor through the cycle of endless rebirths prior to nirvana.

WARNING: Greed (lobha), counterproductive longing, and profanity!
(Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars, "Billionaire")

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