Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Many Western Wars in Afghanistan (audio)

Site of the massive Buddhas at Bamiyan being reconstructed post CIA demolition through its joint CIA-ISI creation the "Taliban" (Afghan Treasures)
The Buddha of Gandhara = Kandahar
The poet Goethe wrote, "If you want to understand a poet, you must go to the poet's land." Indeed, in order to understand the historical Buddha Gautama, we have to go to his true land, which is Afghanistan, not Nepal. The startling recent discovery of a 6th century B.C. Buddhist site at Mes Aynak in Logar province, Afghanistan, [21 miles] south-east of Kabul has dramatic repercussions on Buddhist history. (RanajitPal.com).
AFGHAN KIDS Are they really coming to kill us? No, they're just coming to rape us. And to take our poppies. No, they're coming to liberate the girls. I hear they want to stay. Karzai will sell us. Maybe they want to be friends and see our Buddhist archeology (C.AM).
I'm-a gonna get me some! Am I right? Kill 'em all, and let God sort 'em out. (mdn.ca)
This is going to haunt me! Why did we do this? Get me to the V.A. Can you believe what the Sarge (Robert Bales) did? Shut up, crybabies, that's what we were here for!
(MIC) Blaming the victim: trained to kill over numerous tours yet
never told he would be the fall guy for complex covert operations
Truth about US-Afghan history (invisiblehistory.com)

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