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Guns can't prevent tyranny, says Bill Maher

Wisdom Quarterly; Erica Ritz (The Blaze via Yahoo News); Bill Maher (Real Time, HBO)
L-R: Ariana Huffington, author Brian Griffin, Dana Gould, and host Bill Maher (Family Guy)
Civilian guns can't oppose military weapons
HBO host Bill Maher had MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell as one of his guests on "Real Time" Friday night.
The two were adamant that the 2nd Amendment cannot protect patriotic citizens from tyranny by their own government (and that such a conversation shouldn't even really be happening in this age). [Maybe citizens should just roll over as happened in Nazi Germany and other totalitarian states where gun confiscation precedes marshal law.
After pointing out the poll where 44% of Republicans said an armed revolution might be necessary in order to protect liberties in the next few years, compared to 18% of Democrats [no mention of radicals, progressives, Greens, Libertarians, and independents], Maher said:

This Modern World, "The Week In #Fail" (Tom Tomorrow/
"Can we get to, first of all, how ridiculous it is for people to think that the Second Amendment protects them from tyranny. Didn't Waco [the assault, lockdown, and eventual immolation by government agents of approximately 80 male, female, and child inhabitants living on a ranch in Texas] solve that? We just had the anniversary a couple of weeks ago [and a new commemoration fire bombing in the nearby town of West]. 
"Remember Waco? You know what they had in Waco? They [allegedly] had like 1.9 million rounds of ammunition; they had .50 caliber machine guns; they had grenades...What did the government have? Everything else.

Wish it, want it, do it, advises Brian (R)
"The winner and still champion -- the [Military-Industrial Complex of the] United States government [in league with multinational corporations]. Thinking the Second Amendment protects you from tyranny is like thinking the First Amendment protects you from Thor. It's quaint. It's ridiculous. It's nonsensical. And they never get called [on] it!
After Pete Hegseth, a veteran, asked whether Maher couldn't imagine a scenario even in the abstract where liberty might need to be preserved at the point of a weapon, O'Donnell said to audience applause: "Zero. We're past it. We're past it!...This country [is] long past the point where you would ever have to rise in arms against this government."
Bill Maher's cool, am I right? Guys? Guys?
When Hegseth said he should make his case to the rebels in Syria, O'Donnell countered: "These nuts are not talking about Syria.
Forty-four percent of the Republican lunatic party believes they might have to rise in arms...They're not talking about Syria."
O'Donnell and Maher also lamented how America tends to "romanticize" guns, playing a clip of Rick Perry's NRA video, Maher calling Perry, Ted Nugent, and Sarah Palin the "axis of a**holes" [which seems self-evident in the case of beauty queen Republican stunt Palin].
"Gun ownership is a minority activity," Lawrence concluded. "The rate of gun ownership is declining... More

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