Friday, May 24, 2013

VESAK - Buddhism's threefold celebration

Wisdom Quarterly
Vesak celebrations at Dhammakaya monastery in Asuza unite ALL schools and monastics from every Buddhist country represented in Los Angeles County (Wisdom Quarterly)

Vesak is a threefold Buddhist celebration commemorating the same full moon day, years apart, when Prince Siddhartha was born, when the ascetic Siddhartha had a great awakening (maha bodhi), and when the Buddha, or Awakened One, attained final-nirvana.

In the oldest extant Buddhist school, the Theravada or Teachings of the Elder Enlightened Disciples, these three events are celebrated together. Later schools separated the events and their commemoration.
The Buddha and Patacara (Dhp. 114)
Temples around the country and around the world will be covered in colorful flags, sumptuous meals will be served, monastics will teach, hearers will meditate and conduct devotional activities or pujas that are nearly as ancient as India.

This Dhammakaya (Dharma-body) meditation session is conducted in Thai with English subtitles by Ven. Luang Phaw Dhammajayo, Abott of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple and President of the Dhammakaya Foundation, Thailand. It is from a Dec. 26, 2010 episode of the Dhamma Media Channel (DMC.TV) English language program "Meditation for Peace."

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