Thursday, August 7, 2014

An honest man on ISRAEL: Noam Chomsky

Wisdom Quarterly; Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman (, Aug. 7, 2014)

Hideous. Sadistic. Vicious. Murderous. That is how Noam Chomsky describes Israel’s 29-day offensive war on Gaza -- which as killed nearly 1,900 people and left almost 10,000 Gazan Palestinians injured.
Pappe: "Racist Apartheid State" with US help
Chomsky has written extensively about the Israel conflict with Palestine for decades. After Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009, Chomsky co-authored the book Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel’s War Against the Palestinians with Israeli scholar Ilan PappĂ©. (Exeter University Prof. PappĂ© is one of the leading voices on Israel, calling the U.S./Israel campaign against Palestine an "incremental genocide").
Israel claims "self-defense" in war crimes
Chomsky's other books on the Israel/Palestine conflict include Peace in the Middle East?: Reflections on Justice and Nationhood and The Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians. Perhaps his most famous work is called Manufacturing Consent exposing American propaganda techniques.
Noam Chomsky is a world-renowned political dissident, linguist, and author, Institute Professor Emeritus at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where he has taught for more than 50 years. More

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