Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to die of cancer

First things first: In order to die of cancer, you have to contract or develop cancer. That shouldn't be too hard in this contaminated environment. But maybe you've been chelated. Have you cleansed? Juicing, eating good greens, it all helps. Avoid the very things that lead to the cells going out of harmony. The body is a symphony, and we sing the body electric. Stay away from disruptive energy fields. But things are in mind before they're in body.

"Fighting" it? "Fight" cancer? Fighting is no way to be well again. Our very thoughts do much to disrupt our health, to lose motivation to do anything about it, to make healthy choices. And is the mainstream media helping or harming? Are doctors obligated by law to offer only three "treatment" options? Cutting, irradiating, and poisoning. Next year they may bring back leeches and drowning, amputations, and drilling small holes in the head to release bad spirits. (They still do amputations when so many body parts can be saved?)

Will there ever be an alternative cancer CURE? There are many. There have been for years. You weren't told? Oh what a surprise. You mean someone is making money hand over fist from selling ineffective "treatments" that usually kill cancer patients who would have lived otherwise? Fear is the major problem leading to rash treatment decisions? Helplessness sets in and then we do whatever the Medicine Doctor suggests -- chemicals, surgical amputations, or exposure to carcinogenic radiation?

Enter the CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY. It is having it's annual convention. It's the place to visit since most of us will face cancer in our lifetime -- by design. It's no accident people come down with the C-word and opt for the treatments that kill.
We don't pay doctors to keep us well. Maybe we should. We pay them to act like they know best, to treat us like impersonal projects, and to never mention nutrition, vitamins, supplements, and inexpensive alternatives. And they pay a large government organization to make sure no "cures" are ever legally offered in this country. Look into it. Or die of cancer and watch others succumb.

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