Wednesday, August 6, 2014

U.S. bombs Japanese civilians: Hiroshima

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan (, Aug 6, 2014); CC Liu and Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; Follow the White Rabbit (A Million Windows, Feb. 3, 2011)
American “Enola Gay” dropping the bomb on innocent Japanese civilians at home far from the war zone for the profit of the U.S. military-industrial complex (
Nagasaki civilians were bombed by the USA first major war crime, a crime against humanity so enormous that no American thinks much about it except to offer limp excuses that cannot hold up (Nagasaki Museum/US Army handout (
Japan (sunrisejetphotogallery)
“I hate war,” Koji Hosokawa told me as we stood next to the A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan.
The skeletal remains of the four-story building stand at the edge of Japan's Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The world watches in horror this summer as military conflicts rage.
  • [These "conflicts" are fomented by the U.S. military-industrial complex.]
The U.S. military-industrial complex loves to bomb Buddhists (amillionwindows)
They're leaving destruction in their wake from Afghanistan, to Libya, to Gaza, to Syria, to Iraq, and Ukraine...

Ukraine, Kiev, Independence Square, Tymoshenko pic
Protesting and demanding change in Ukraine
[Ukraine is where U.S. Senator, failed presidential candidate, released POW, torture survivor, Arizona Republican John McCain is both eliminating the civil rights of Americans with indefinite detention bills (written with a shameful Joe Lieberman). There he has been stirring up Cold War-era tensions with Russia by offering Ukraine covert U.S. military intervention and promises of overt sanctions].
Never far from the dead and injured, nuclear-armed missiles stand by ready to rain down ultimate devastation, waiting for the horrible moment when hubris [our overarching American pride and exceptionalism], accident, or inhumanity triggers the next nuclear attack.
“I hate war,” Hosokawa reiterated. “War makes everyone crazy.”

Nagasaki Festival
(FTWR) Imagine 20 bulky, drunk Japanese men carrying a two ton golden shrine, hauling [it] up several flights of stairs.

We are experiencing the Kunchi matsuri Festival in Nagasaki City, Japan (where they affectionately call it O-kunchi).

Kunchi started as a festival to celebrate the harvest season, then came to be an occasion to oust hidden Christians, and nowadays it’s primarily just a holiday.
500,000 displaced, 10,000 injured by Israel
The city districts make their own floats; one float was a beautiful ship with kids playing drums, and one of them was also trying to catch as many painted wooden fish from the ground as possible. We also find traditional Dragon Dance and, of course, the use and abuse of sake [a distilled rice alcoholic spirit that leads us to wonder if the name Naga-saki isn't a reference to "dragon-brew," naga-alcohol]... More 
"Evacuate your cities." U.S. threat letter to Japan, circa 1945

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