Friday, August 1, 2014

Animals eating corpses due to ISRAEL (video)

Ashley Wells, Sheldon S., Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Aaron Mate, Nermeen Shaikh (

Rajisouraniaugust1An almost unthinkable thing is happening in Muslim/Christian Palestine. Dead civilians, children, and their scattered body parts are not being allowed to be collected. The result is that laying around in the sun and rubble, wild animals are moving in to devour them. The demons rejoice and unclean spirits feast (Buddhist yakshas, pretas, maras, asuras).
This is unthinkable because according to Muslim and Jewish tradition, it is vital that all parts of the physical body be interred for the future rearising (not rebirth so much as reincarnation, the coming to life again, the resurrection). Palestinians are horrified and rushing in when any phony, fragile ceasefire is announced only to be killed when Israel changes its mind or uses the pretext that Hamas restarted the asymmetrical warfare being waged on it.
Whereas Zoroastrians (Indian Parsis) or Tibetans might welcome a "sky burial," being eaten as carrion by vultures, the Middle East can hardly think of anything worse than being eaten by filthy beasts, a mark of the depravity of human cultural insensitivity. Their suffering and anguish seems to drive the "powers that be," the forces fueling, directing, encouraging, and re-arming Israel.
Israelis may carry out the atrocities, but it is certain that the CIA and other Western forces are pulling the strings and approving of the tactics -- drones, mass surveillance, spies, informants, home demolishing, bombing civilian infrastructure as was done illegally in Iraq in the early years of the internationally-illegal U.S. invasion, and so on. Then Israeli generals take it even to unapproved tactics -- shelling U.N. facilities, invading civilian camps (as was done infamously in Janine), immediately rearresting released prisoners, claiming to have lost a soldier to kidnapping then using this allegation as a pretext for collective punishment, the basis of threats to take the gloves off and go in with even greater force and brutality, to engage in ethnic cleansing, incremental genocide, and crimes against humanity all the while calling it "retaliation" and a "security" exercise and a tunnel exploration, tunnels built only to overcome an illegal strangulation of 1.8 million people called a "blockade."

Amnesty Int'l: US should stop arming Israel amid "growing evidence of war crimes in Gaza"
There is a literal Preta Realm as well.
Indiscriminate shooting, aerial bombardment, attacks from the sea, and ground invasion of a densely populated metropolitan civilian area with no exit allowed. It is as if a WW II army went into a ghetto, surrounded it, cut off all escapes, then began killing residents blaming them for "remaining in a war zone." And the world is lied to told that it is a "conflict" between, one is led to assume, more or less equal sides, to foreign armies at odds, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is the world's greatest military is funding, aiding, arming, and training the fourth most powerful military to kill civilians armed with homemade rockets, old rifles, and anything that comes to hand, who are granted an internationally-recognized right to defend themselves. But that defense is used as the excuse for offensive attacks and thousands of TONS of bombs being dropped on a city of helpless victims.

And we, the world, stand around looking at our feet saying, "I'm sure Israel has its reasons." The mainstream media is controlled, unarmed soldiers are sent all over the world to man the PR desks, and keep the propaganda machine churning out spin to protect the onslaught from scrutiny or intervention.
The Western world is silenced, the Arab world is stymied, and the poor Palestinians have to wonder why no one but God is hearing their cries and pleas. And even God seems to not be paying attention. People of conscience may say something, but people of the book only seem to be chanting encouragement to the killers in Israel to keep going.
John Brennan faces calls to resign after CIA admits to spying on Senate torture probe

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