Friday, August 8, 2014

"The Kill Team" U.S. in Afghanistan (film)

Why do we as Americans kill around the world? We join "kill teams" and commit atrocities and, rarely, we get prosecuted for it. Why does our government do it to us, leading us to our worst potential as human beings? It is -- as revealed by the high ranking U.S. military man Smedley Butler -- because WAR IS A RACKET!

WARNING: Graphic photos and candid discussion of killing not in warfare but for amusement!

Cover(The Young Turks) Ben Mankiewicz, Wes Clark Jr., and Michael Shure discuss a new report in Rolling Stone magazine about a "rogue" U.S. military Kill Team in Afghanistan that sought out and murdered helpless civilians for fun and terrorist glory. At Minute 2:37 the American soldiers seem to have done more to this child than murdered him: homosexual rape is indicated by removed trousers and blood stains. Do Americans really commit war crimes and crimes against humanity? Do they really chop off fingers (Angulimala- and War on Vietnam-style) and keep them as "trophies" of their murders? Do American soldiers develop PTSD? Moral injuries? Savagery while hypocritically calling innocent Afghans trying to defend themselves and their families against another brutal invasion "barbarians"?

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