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Israel levels Gaza; Hamas accepts going to ICC

What remains of one portion of the overpopulated Gaza Strip, an Israeli reservation (UR).
Listen up, Israel. We're tired of repeating ourselves (

Stop crying, [expletive]! US sides with Israel
While the eyes of the world turn to Syria, Iraq, and Libya, Israel has resumed its crimes against humanity and military operations against Gaza (Palestine).

Airstrikes this morning severely damaged one of Gaza’s tallest apartment and office buildings, killing two people and wounding 20.
Peace activist devastated by Israel's crimes against humanity (
[The targeting of occupied buildings marks a new low in Israel's genocide, leveling whole civilian structures under the pretext that if there is a Hamas member anywhere near it -- or if Israel merely claims later that they "really thought" there was one close by -- it is all right to destroy it. Whole buildings will be targeted with precision missiles and everyone inside, every old man, desperate woman, and helpless child will be murdered, while the world applauds Israel for killing innocents and condemns Hamas for being Arabs and indigenous inhabitants of an occupied land, one of the worst things a people can do.

Tiny and shrinking
Helpless? What about all those "Hamas missiles"? The unreliable, homemade, unguided firecrackers and smoke bombs, and bottle rockets, or the ones fed to it through proxies so it can be targeted 1,000 times over for lobbing over the New Berlin Wall? Of course, to say Palestinians elderly, female, and young are helpless is misleading. All Gazans helpless, and the people concentrated in refugee camps and "occupied territories" like the West Bank are essentially helpless. There is nowhere to run even if they were actually warned as Israel claims to do, a claim it makes to later defend itself in the Hague, the world court, trying to protect itself against war crimes charges it levels on Hamas, which is legally attempting to defend itself in alignment with international standards while everyone blames it for being the victim of U.S. and Israeli industrial-level military aggression. What about running to U.N. safe sites like schools or hospitals? Israel illegally blows them up, too. But Americans, and a surprising number of racist Israelis look the other way nowadays; the propaganda and public relations are just too powerful for most people to overcome.]
Bordering Egypt, Gaza is tiny reservation
More than a hundred Palestinians have died in a new round of about 350 horrific air strikes since last week, bringing the total death toll to over 2,000. The dead include a 27-year old journalist and a 3-year-old toddler since last week alone.
Meanwhile, [U.S.-controlled] Egypt has proposed a new ceasefire agreement, which according to a Palestinian spokesperson, “opens the crossings, [and] allows aid and reconstruction material.” The reference to the crossings is the Egyptian-controlled Rafah crossing. As of this morning it appears both sides may have agreed.

Israel continues to blame Hamas for [making them kill children and other innocents as well as] stoking tensions with its [laughably ineffective] projectile retaliations, which are said to have continued in recent days.
Israel's New Berlin Wall. Wait, this just in from Public Relations. It is actually not an offensive wall built on Palestinian land and lined with fully armed Israeli technology and troops shooting Palestinians but merely a "security fence." (
"Israel," next to Egypt, is Africa
Hamas has also been in the news for a few war crimes of its own, namely, publicly executing 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel. [If they collaborate, it is because Israel has forced them to by imprisoning them indefinitely, threatening their families, and only releasing them when they commit to spy and inform for Israel.]

And a Hamas spokesperson recently admitted to the media that, unbeknownst to him, it was members of his organization that did in fact kill the three Israeli teens whose deaths were used to justify Israeli strikes.

Palestinians forced to endure conflict
[The killings were used as a pretext for a preplanned invasion nonetheless; Israel knew very early on that the teens had been killed. But in a pinch, any pretext will do, even if Israel has to arrange the killing of its own citizens or cows to justify ground invasions, air strikes, gunboat barrages, illegal blockades, harassment, false imprisonment, starvation, assassinations, new weapons experimentation, genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, beatings, and thefts.]
Welcome to the B-Boy's club, Bibi!
The group’s top leadership was apparently not informed of the killings, however. Hamas has also joined in calls to take Israel to the International Criminal Court even though, if such a move takes place, it could also open Hamas to accusations of war crimes.

[This is fine, Hamas claims, since it is defending itself in accord with every peoples' right to self-defense and Israel has much more to worry about for the enormity of its crimes and continued aggression, displacement, occupation, stealing of land, and other internationally-sanctioned crimes.] More

GUEST: Simona Sharoni, professor of gender and women’s studies at SUNY Plattsburgh and the author of Gender and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Politics of Women’s Resistance.

Civilian Palestine burning, bombed by Israel, where people are concentrated into camps, open air prisons, reservations then attacked from the air in U.S. planes flown by Israeli soldiers (UPI/

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