Sunday, August 10, 2014

Child migration response: KKK to FOX

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Putting the Central American Child Refugee Migration Into Perspective
Putting the Central American child refugee migration into perspective
Obama’s Latest Effort to Enter Syria War Is A Pledge to Train “Small Group” of Rebels
Obama's latest effort to enter Syria's war is pledge to train group of rebels
As Israeli Ground Troops Kill Civilians, A Live Report from Gaza
As Israeli ground invaders mass murder civilians, a LIVE report from Gaza
Politics of Parenting: The Criminalization of Mothers Who are Poor and Women of Color
Politics of Parenting: Criminalizing poor American mothers and women of color
Navigating the Water Wars during California’s Drought
Navigating the Water Wars during California's worsening drought
What The Ruling On California’s Death Penalty Means
What the ruling on California's death penalty means for all Americans

Kids seeking asylum get jailed and mistreated (possibly molested)
Honduran thugs, some in diapers, with U.S. armed border patrol, as they turn themselves in seeking asylum after crossing Rio Grande near McAllen, Texas, July 3, 2014 (AP/FOX)
Sorry, kids, get the ***k out! No tired masses
(FOX) Hundreds of protests are taking place across the U.S. [July 19, 2014] weekend in opposition to the "surge" of immigrants [seeking asylum at] the country’s southern border and proposed immigration reform that organizers say gives amnesty to [undocumented migrants] already living in the country. 

Not in my racist America, kids! No way!
Organizers [claim] 321 protests will take place over the next two days -- from state capitals to highway overpasses to Mexican consulates. The [grassroots and totally unplanned, and not funded by the Koch Brothers or anyone else] protests have been sparked by the thousands of Central American immigrants who in the past few months have [come to] the U.S. [border] in hopes of staying [after fleeing unlivable conditions created by the USA and its drug, gang, and immigration policies deporting MS 13 members and others to their country]. More

Business as usual for the military-industrial complex in Russia/Ukraine as CIA, Pentagon, John McCain, and Barry Obama's military fuels war-profiteering (USA Today via F-S-D)

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