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Comedian Jimmy Dore: A Voice from Within

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Comedian, friend, Pacifica Radio host, fellow Pasadenian, and author Jimmy Dore uses humor to inspire activism.

(He came to tell jokes at Occupy, for U.S. troops abroad, and will amuse us all at Vroman's this Thursday.

(Jimbo, what in the h*aven happened to Feldman? He's become an apologist for Israel and centrists open to leaning right? At least we still have our comical "Bitter Buddha," Eddie Pepitone, and Frank Coniff!)

A Voice from Within
There are lots of things about this country that annoy comedian Jimmy Dore.

One is how fat cats always get richer and pay fewer taxes while leaving regular folks holding the bag. Another is how the government pleads poverty when the time comes to repair America’s infrastructure, yet can bail out Wall Street bankers to the tune of $2 billion a week.

But most of Dore’s contempt is for the media. While he is best known as a nationally headlining club comedian with two acclaimed Comedy Central specials, Dore has earned the right to criticize the media because he is now part of it.
As  the host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” each week on KPFK 90.7 FM and Pacifica radio stations nationwide, and as a member of the popular Web-based political commentary series “The Young Turks (, Dore has shown  that he has a freewheeling political instinct that owes loyalty to  nothing but the truth.
He’s now collected his views into a bitingly  funny book called Your Country Is Just Not That Into You. “The  media used to be the watchdogs, but they’ve been bought by the people  they’re supposed to be investigating,” says Dore.
Live at Vroman's (
“NBC didn’t give you  the facts about Iraq because they’re owned by defense contractors. You’ll never get the truth, just false equivalency, saying there are two  sides to every story like global warming [or Israel's oppression of the remaining civilian ghettos of "Palestine" painted as a fight between two roughly equal professional militaries]. I say there are not two sides  to the truth. Don’t give us talking points. Give us the truth.” More

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