Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Does Israel control the U.S. media? (video)

The "newspaper of record" is one of the worst offenders pumping out pro-Israel bias, PR, propaganda, spin, AIPAC lobbyists. But it might be improving as Americans weary of lies.

The only state that matters to MIC?
Professor of Journalism Robert Jensen: "The fact that anti-Semitism is alive and well in the world today makes it all the more important to differentiate between real anti-Semitism that needs to be condemned and opposed in its own right, and its misuse as a public relations strategy. Trying to scare people into silence by conflating any criticism of Israeli policies with anti-Semitism in fact detracts from the very real threat that anti-Semitism does pose..."
Any criticism is anti-Semitism, says Israel
Journalist Robert Fisk following up on that thought: "...because there are anti-Semites in the world, there are racists. And if the continued campaign of abuse against decent people, trying to shut them up by falsely accusing them of anti-Semitism continues, the word anti-Semitism will begin to become respectable. 

"Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-Semitism!"
"And that is a great danger. And then the really bad guys -- and they're around -- there are people who want to burn synagogues just like there are people who want to burn mosques, they'll start coming into their own."

Censor criticism in U.S. media
And Jensen again: "The Israeli public relations machine knows that if the views and voices of Jews who disagree with its policies were to become public, it would be impossible to maintain the lie that any criticism of Israel is by definition anti-Semitic. In fact the accusation of anti-Semitism has been Israel's most effective strategy in silencing dissent. And American journalists in particular have been targets of this tactic."

Not in our name: not all Jewish agree with Israel, Zionists, Netanyahu, right wing (

Greedy weapons dealers, war profiteers, U.S. military-industrial complex

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