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History's done. Time to repeat. (Fergistan)

Amber Larson, CC Liu, Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly EDITORIAL
Rebirth of the deva Venus, Nascita di Venere, by Boticelli (scentsciences)
What life was like...rebirth comes again.
Isn't it strange how things repeat -- how they come around again almost exactly the same but just a little different? On the smallest, most intimate level, that of cittas and kalapas (ultimate mind and matter in Buddhist psychology and physics), what replaces the passing phase of a mind-moment or material-particle is ALMOST identical but not quite.

We would only ever know-and-see this with the light-of-wisdom, the nimitta-light, reviewing the mind door, as Theravada meditation master Pa Auk Sayadaw details. But we would have to build a firm foundation of concentration (jhana, meditative absorption) beneath a canopy of insight (vipassana) to ever come to know that directly. Review the mind-door by the heart and you, too, can see it after developing the requisite skill in meditation.

The seers of ancient pre-India (the Indus Valley Civilization) knew that time and events are cyclical, coming around again. The time that lapses between events, however, is measures in aeons (kalpas), akin to our geological-time of epochs and ages, Jurassic, Neolithic.. But within each grand cycle of time, each Great Aeon, there are smaller cycles looping around sooner.
Karma, or what we as Americans like to refer to as "What comes around goes around," can take a LONG time. Actions and their pleasant and unpleasant consequences can be separated by so much time that it becomes easy to believe that no results are ever coming. The results are always plural when they come, so to say "action with an equal and opposite reaction" is very misleading, as if those who use the Newtonian expression were foolishly trying to be all "scientifical."

Cycles upon senseless cycles
Buddhism is more immediate than science, more open to personal investigation and more convincing to those who know-and-see directly with no one as their authority above personal experience. The Buddha, the Dharma, and the Noble Sangha lead us to freedom from having to rely on any authority for what is true or not true. When one knows-and-sees, there is no question about it. Until we reach the state beyond-training, that of an asekha, we indeed need guides, and there are none better than these three precious gems.

"Hands up, don't shoot!" - Don't move! Let's see some ID, boy! (Josh P/pactenboy/twitter)
Welcome to Fergistan
Just as it is on that rarefied level so, too, on our human plane: State-sponsored militant terrorist P.M. Bibi Netanyahu has re-ordered his army to attack and kill civilians in the Gaza Strip under the pretext of rooting out Hamas fighters defending Palestinians against an unbearable Israeli/U.S. oppression and a strangling, not to mention illegal -- blockade and occupation. And the same excuses are still used in the mainstream media, never having been put to the test in the Hague, where such things should be adjudicated.
Teargas is deployed after police were fired upon Monday in Ferguson, Mo.
Fresh clashes in Fergistan as Nat'l Guard arrives to put down the restive natives. Thirty-one people were arrested overnight in violent oppression by police on mainly peaceful protesters. The unrest has continued since the Aug. 9 murder of teen Michael Brown by Ferguson police. (Jeff Roberson/AP/NPR)

And thanks to weather modification and the consequent climate chaos it has caused, there are fires burning all over California. Yosemite has just gone up in flames. Kern County is burning. The Angeles National Forest is ablaze in Tecolote and Shoemaker above Glendora...

Our original mind is like the sky, no center and no limit, infinitely vast, with happiness as our natural state. It has become obscured by clouds, and we identify with them rather than the deep blue boundless sky. These clouds are thoughts and emotions. In Buddhism, meditation is a means of unclouding the mind; it is the antidote to suffering (Natasha C.).

Police have murdered another black young man in St. Louis, Missouri. There are more corpses piling up overnight at the hands of Los Angeles police. The "police state" is related to the atrocities being carried out in Israel/Palestine. Israel is staging ground, the weapons dealer, the practical side of how to exterminate an indigenous minority with legal rights to the land. How would we steal the land from indigenous people unless we first put them on reservations then killed them off from every direction? (That's our Western model of empire).

When all seems hopeless, there's hope.
Dead bodies here, fires there, the whole world seems to be going up in flames, so what's the connection? They are connected in a way that cannot be easily understood. The environment reacts and responds to us in a way that can hardly be understood. Seers (rishis), shamans (like shramanas before them), and mystics report that we are connected -- there is no separation -- and what we regard as objective and subjective is not actually accurate. Peace can be generated somewhere by well intentioned meditators sitting somewhere else. It is not a placebo effect because, as in some rigorous prayer studies, the targets do not know the meditation or prayer is going on.

A permanent solution to a temporary problem?
Likewise, the world at large knows when nonpeace is going on, and it reacts. The reactions compound, and we have "natural disasters." How can they be "natural" if we are involved and influencing them? It is because WE are part of nature, not something merely observing it or living in it. We are every bit a part of the environment as what we see "out" there. The objective is subjective as animists would say if they were using such terms, and the subjective is objective to anyone looking at us in our environment. Think peace, practice peace, be peace.

Or sit back and enjoy the show. Did you see that soccer player gently back kick the ball into the net? Not that show (distraction), this one: Once the CIA and other agencies from the White House to the military-industrial complex decided to murder a president. It wasn't the first time they plotted to depose a leader in a very expedient way, but this was a popular young president beloved by most citizens who thought him quite innocent and good. The plans were made, the "lone assassin" patsy selected, and cover up/conspiracy set in motion...

Doctor, my life if full of fear and anxiety...
(Epidemic/"Hands of Ruby") "All hiding behind their own blinds/ Rifle shot from killing arm/ Motorcade with Johnson is riding behind/ Suspect captured after struggle/ Taken into custody/ What the hell is wrong with some? Ignorawcity!/ Double blast, you agree/ Pointing eyes, you agree/ Massive chaos in the air/See the man lifeless there!/ Take the time to lead this nation out of fear..." More

MLK and JFK and the plan was well underway, RFK and Malcolm may just be the beginning

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