Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Fix Fukushima: UPDATE (audio)

Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Dennis Watts, Lisa Garr (The Aware Show, Jan. 28, 2016)
Nuclear blasts are nothing to scoff at. They ruin life on various dimensions (doseng.org).

The cheap American-made TEPCO reactors gave way and are polluting the planet.
What Can Be Done About Fukushima?
Interview: Whether we realize it or not, the situation in Japan at the damaged nuclear reactors at Fukushima remains critical. Years later, the radioactive fuel rods that melted and the nuclear material that underwent fission reached staggering temperatures, so hot it burned through the containment vessels and entered the underground water table and Pacific Ocean basin.  It sounds dire even hopeless, but Watts is laying out a plan for containment and remediation. [Researcher and mycologist Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti (fungi.com) has begun remediation and successful de-contamination efforts with mushrooms!] Hear more from Watts at 2016 Los Angeles The Conscious Life Expo, which runs froom Feb. 19-21 at the LAX Hilton (consciouslifeexpo.com).

U.S. unleashed HAARP to show Japan that it had to obey American dictates. Fukushima was the consequence. Mannequin arm reaches out (David Guttenfelder/AP).
Dennis WattsBIO: Dennis Watts is a consultant and advisor for Clear Water Vision and Nexxus Environmental Corporation.

He is on the board of advisors for the Blue Planet Groupe, which markets nano-microbes and extremophiles used for environmental remediation. 

And he is the founder and president of Rejuv-A-Nation Research & Development. Watts has engineering degrees from Howard University and University of the District of Columbia. He has been working as a Master Systems Engineer Scientist for various Aerospace and Engineering Corporation for 25 plus years.  He has a strong focus on remediation of the Fukushima disaster, which you can read more about at wtsenates.info. More + AUDIO (Other episodes)

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