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COMEDY: Bordertown, This Week Tonight, Jimmy Dore; Pope dumps Trump, OKs condoms

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly; BT; BBC; (TV)
Women are criticized for being moody.
O, what would we do without comedy? I can't bear the thought of it!
John Oliver begins a new season of his comedy show Last Week, Tonight on Feb. 14. He says he wants to tackle the most challenging topics, "whether that is trying to explain some of the NSA's detailed programs, or whether that's putting a cowboy hat on a cat."
Is John Oliver's show journalism? He says the answer is simple: "It's comedy."
Moody Bitches (Dr. Holland)
Women are now much more likely to want to use medication to control their moods.

So says psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland in her book Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You're Taking, the Sleep You're Missing, the Sex You're Not Having, and What's Really Making You Crazy (available at Barnes & Noble booksellers). But "not every emotion...needs to be eradicated."
(FOX Animation) "Bordertown" - the voice of authentic Mexican writers on current events

"This Week Tonight" (Season 3)
Fat Happy Hotei (Budai) loves to laugh.
Missing the "Colbert Report," the "Daily Show"? Not getting enough of "Full Frontal" in just 30 minutes a week? Well, there's always dependable John Oliver! "Everything we do is in pursuit of comedy," Oliver says. But to get the comedy right, you have to get facts right: "You can't be wrong about something, otherwise that joke just disintegrates."

Hollywood has a big diversity problem, USC study finds: this study examined more than 21,000 characters and behind-the-scenes workers on films and TV, and it found an "epidemic of invisibility." For example, just 3.4 percent of film directors were female.

"Full Frontal" with Samantha Bee
(TBS) Comedienne Samantha Bee hosts: Scalia dies, Republicans debate, it's Full Frontal
The head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill (left) kisses Pope Francis as they meet at the Jose Marti airport in Havana, Cuba, on Friday.
Patriarch Kirill, Pope Francis (Max Rossi/AP)
Catholic Pope Francis and Russian Patriarch Kirill met Friday in Havana, Cuba. It's the first time leaders of the two Christian churches have met since a schism 1,000 years ago divided Christianity.

Jimmy Dore's (Smart) Comedy (Fridays, 3:00 pm on KPFK FM, YouTube)

Use condoms, and Trump's not Christian
Pope Francis makes us proud (finally)
(WQ) For an Italian raised in Argentina, the new pontiff is not all bad. He's a great improvement on the Nazi Pope Benedict, who by his own admission was a member of the Hitler Youth along with his brother in Germany back in the day.

But while Pope Francis, possibly the last pope ever, wowed crowds in Mexico -- lecturing them a little, visiting deadly Ciudad Juarez, acting like an immigrant/itinerant holyman, going back on his plan to meet with the families of the 43 missing students executed by drug lords and a complicit government -- he finally spoke his mind on the man they call Trump (like his father Fred, shown at left).

Fred: That's my boy, Donald!
Trump is livid but smart about it, blaming helpless Mexico when he can't get away with directly attacking the most popular pope in years.

Most of the personalities on FOX News are Catholic, and he has enough trouble trying to patch things up with beloved FOX Host Megyn Kelly, GOP bigwigs, and mainstream media elites.

Mark, you Catholic or Evangelical? VP?
Who is the pope -- head of the Catholicism Incorporated with its headquarters in former Mithra-worshipping Vatican grounds converted to Christian worship with the pseudo-conversion of the Holy Roman Empire to the new psy-op Holy Roman Church -- to criticize homosexual priests who try to live without child molesting? "Who am I to judge," he said when asked. But he's apparently b*llsy enough to take on, The Donald, the fraud of the Free World and its population fed up with a one-party (two wings) system.

Trump, like Hitler, is no Christian
God's PR man can't talk about me!
(BBC) The Pope has questioned US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's Christianity over his call to build a border wall with Mexico.
Pope Francis said, "A person who thinks only about building walls...and not of building bridges, is not Christian."
The New York businessman supports deporting nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants. Calling himself a "proud Christian," Mr. Trump blamed Mexico for the Pope's remarks, calling them "disgraceful."

Three more Clarence Thomases, no minimum wage increase, and you're fired! (JS)
Trump will take US back.
Mr. Trump has alleged that Mexico sends "rapists" and criminals to the US. Pope Francis made the comments at the end of a six-day trip to Mexico.
"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not of building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel," he said.
Donald Trump is not happy that Pope Francis has questioned his Christianity. 
More spectacle means more popularity.
He declined to say whether Americans should vote for Mr. Trump, who is leading the Republican race for president.
"I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that. We must see if he said things in that way, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt," the Pope said.

How about condoms for Catholics?
In response to a question about whether contraception (condoms or prophylactics) was allowed to prevent the transmission of the Zika virus, the pope said that for some cases the "lesser of two evils" can be used.

The pope said abortion "is a crime, an absolute evil," but that avoiding pregnancy is not.
Addressing a rally in South Carolina, Mr. Trump responded to the pope's comments.... More

Hey, Frankie, go easy on my boy Donald; he supports our Furher in his heart. - Look, Benny, I'm the one with the poll numbers, not you. Forcibly "retired" Pope Benedict embracing new Pope Francis (New York Times video).

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