Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lunar New Year celebrations continue (photos)

CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly; photographer Levan TK, LA Weekly (
Kwan Yin and mountain goddesses along with kami-like mountain spirit (Levan TK)
Scythian warriors, Mongol hordes, Chinese anti-Barbarian forces, Samurai-style fighter?
A few blocks from Sunset Blvd. and Hollywood, the cast of "Fresh Off the Boat"
LGBTQ rainbow flag in alliance with gay Asian community and PFLAG marchers
Mexican caballero holds Mexican flag and parades in former Mexico, near Olvera Street.
Band of Spanish-style Mexican cowboys with dazzling stallions join Lunar New Year.
Dragon on streets of Chinatown, Los Angeles, Feb. 13, 2016 (Levan TK/
Latina/Latino youth participate in Asian cultural event, goodl uck dragon (Levan TK).
Woo-hoo! Finally, it's my year!
The 117th annual Golden Dragon Parade was held Saturday, Feb. 13th, along North Broadway in Chinatown to ring in the Chinese New Year. 2016 is the "Year of the [Fire] Monkey." Here are photos by LA Weekly's Levan TK.
While Los Angeles is a Latin American (L.A.) stronghold, it has a sizable and vibrant Asian community, many Asian communities. Even a parade celebrating Chinese and Buddhist culture in the shadow of the L.A. skyline is sure to have many Mexican-American and Latin American participants. Note the Mexican caballeros (cowboys) riding in the parade, Latina/o youth participating in holding up a good luck dragon, and social and civil rights being celebrated. One hundred and seventeen years of celebrating, and most of Los Angeles is probably not aware it went off on the eve of Valentine's Day. This city's very diverse.

In the good old days, Bruce Lee would help Jackie Chan "Enter the Dragon" (Alex Cole).
Vietnamese New Year in Orange County, a large Buddhist celebration, is called Tet.
Tet Festival: 2 days of New Year's celebrating, 2 weeks in Vietnam (

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