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Euro "genocide" of Native Americans? (cartoon)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Xochitl, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly (Wikipedia edit); Thom Hartmann on the real Christopher Columbus (RT video); David and Remus (animation)
We're stealing this land and gold for ourselves! (Truman Library/

I am not a Jew. I'm Catholic now!
The population figure for Indigenous peoples in the Americas before the 1492 voyage of (the war criminal guilty of inconceivable atrocities and sundry crimes against humanity, who was a Catholic convert from Judaism working for imperial Spain) Christopher Columbus has proven difficult to establish.
Scholars rely on archaeological data and written records from settlers from the Old World.

A real history of the US (R. Dunbar-Ortiz)
Most scholars writing at the end of the 19th century estimated the pre-Columbian population at 100 million or more (Alan Taylor, 2002, American colonies; Volume 1 of The Penguin history of the United States, History of the United States Series, Penguin, p. 40).

But others go as low as 10 million. By the end of the 20th century most scholars gravitate to a middle estimate of around 50 million, with some historians still arguing for 100 million.
Contact with the New World led to the European colonization of the Americas, in which millions of white aliens from the Old World rushed to escape an exhausted Old World for a New World to exploit, displacing tens of millions of people already inhabiting the Americas, particularly what became the [British colony now called the] USA.
Native Americans, Laguna Pueblo Indians
The population of Eurasian and forced relocation of African peoples in the Americas grew steadily, while the number of the indigenous people plummeted.

Eurasian (European-Asian from the frontie melting ground of Central Asia, formerly the USSR and Afghanistan in the Caucasus region) diseases such as influenza, bubonic plague, and pneumonic plagues devastated the Native Americans who did not have immunity.

Conflict and outright warfare brought about by invading Western European usurpers and other American tribes further reduced populations and disrupted traditional native society that lived in peace for 10,000 years or more.

The extent and causes of the decline have long been a subject of academic debate, along with its characterization as a "genocide" (David E. Stannard, 1993, American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World, Oxford University Press). More

Do you just beat them like this? - No, Babe, you just shoot 'em. (Babe Ruth, 1927)
Happy Indigenous People's Day 
Chris Columbus has his own "day"? Why are we taught to worship a rapist, slave-trafficker, child molester, torturer, and thief? It's what the making of the United States of America is all about, even today.

The Big Picture RT(The Big Picture) Quick -- what does the word "Taino" mean to you? Most Americans are unfamiliar with the name of the [Native American] Caribbean tribe that believed their island was the earliest part of the creation, and therefore the sun and the moon every day rose up out of a cave on its northernmost coast.

On the other hand, most Americans know today is Columbus Day, at least in 47 states, although
  • Hawaii has renamed it "Discoverer's Day" after the original Polynesians, who populated that island thousands of years ago;
  • South Dakota calls it "Native American Day";
  • Alaska just ignores it.
But what we're really celebrating today is Happy Taino Genocide Day (October 10th) -- the day when Christopher Columbus began to wipe out an entire indigenous population in a way that would make even [U.S. backed-Cambodian mass murderer] Pol Pot blush.

(A New Kind of Human) "Truth About Christoper Columbus and Columbus Day- Crimes Against Humanity" shows forced conversion to Catholicism for glorification of Spain, Portugal, Europe, and capitalism by slavery and theft.

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