Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kalmykia (Europe): Monk's White Path (video)

Amber Larson and Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; RT (Russia Today); NuMeditationMusic 

Buddha behind "Shamans of Siberia" (RT)
Kalmykia is a steppe region in the south of European Russia and the only European Buddhist republic. An international Buddhist festival is going to take place in a temple in the Kalmykia's capital, Elista

Scythian Buddha, Gandhara
Russian-Buddhist monks are preparing a sand mandala. It is a palace that may serve as a temporary abode for an enlightened deity. Colored marble sand is applied to the canvas through a cone-shaped tube. Follow the monks' white path on RT.

Buddhism and shamanism also thrive in Buryatia, now a colony of the Russian Empire.

The USSR tried to colonize formerly Buddhist Afghanistan below North Asia (Siberia, next to Alaska). This great frontier region, where the Buddha was born, is called Central Asia (ancient Scythia and Greco-Buddhist Bactria), the "middle country" of Eurasians between Europe from Asia.

(IH) Who were the Shakyians/Sakas? They were Scythians.

From Sakha to Magada (
Can it be a coincidence that the Scythian Prince Siddhartha (who became the Buddha) traveled east from the Republic of Shakya Land (Bamiyan, Mes Aynak, Kabul, Tepe Nereng, Afghanistan, literally, the territorial foothold of the Sakha Clan led by the Buddha's father, Tribal Chief Suddhodana, who would have headed a kind of loya jirga (see Wm. Dalrymple) as is still done today in Central Asia) to the Kingdom of Magadha (now a state in northern India) -- and the North Asian Buddhist-shamanic regions echo their names as the Sakha Republic and just to the east, the Magadan Oblast?

"Kalmykia: The Monk's White Path" (special program presented by RT)
Everyone is, of course, misdirected to think it was Nepal (due to deception by the early British historian Jones, as pointed out by Dr. Ranajit Pal). We do not suggest that the Buddha was from Ukraine or North Asia but that the nomadic Buddhists there named their land after the familiar places to the south in Central Asia and India on both sides of Gandhara.

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