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There really were GIANTS on Earth (video)

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; Tichka (video)
Close up of demon (yakkha) face, Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand (Vinayak Hedge)
Shocking Documentary: Forbidden Archeology of the Ancient Giants (Asuras) all over the world

Giants today (thewebtrover)
Secrets of human and extraterrestrial giants (Titans, Asuras, Nephilim, aliens, ancient Annunaki) are revealed from Sumerian Mesopotamia to our own country.
This documentary analyzes the strange fact that there were giants all over the earth -- judging from the fact that enormous skeletons have been unearthed and sacred scriptures document their existence and activities. We call it myth, say it is merely fairy tales, ridiculous on its face.

600 lb Sumo wrestler, US (
Yet, we find traces of their existence all over in Meso and South America among the Mayans and Incas. And there were red-headed giants with six fingers in North America, what is now the USA.

There were races of antediluvian giants who lived on earth with a great deal of forbidden archeology, unexplained massive stone structures built of giant stone blocks too large for ordinary humans to have worked with.

Some mistook giants for "gods," space invaders. Others were content to mention them in stories or represent them pictorially. According to Greek and Roman sources, giants came from a rain of ashes.
Giant, asura, temple guardian, Macau, Hong Kong (Evs in Nz/Evans_Pa/
(To Be Seen) Here and Now: Ten Dharma Talks
Sister Ayya Khema (
The first pair that has to be balanced is confidence (faith) and wisdom (understanding).

There is an analogy the Buddha gave for these two qualities. He compared confidence to a blind giant who meets up with a small, very sharp-eyed cripple, called Wisdom.

The blind giant, named Faith, says to the small, sharp-eyed cripple named Wisdom:

"I'm strong and can go very fast, but I can't see where I'm going. You're small and weak, but have sharp eyes. If you will ride on my shoulders, together we could go very far."

This tells us that faith without wisdom, while being a strong faculty, is yet unable to find the right direction. We say, "faith can move mountains," but being blind, faith doesn't know which mountain needs moving.

However, coupled with wisdom, there is enormous potential. The reason for such strength, is that heart and mind are brought into harmony. The mind can have wisdom and the heart can have faith. When heart and mind are brought to a point of co-existence, of non-separation, the power that develops is exponentially greater than just 10 + 10 = 20. It is like 10 to the power of 10.

Faith as a quality in the heart has such great value because it is connected with love. We can only have faith in something or someone we love. Faith is also connected to devotion, which is a giving of oneself and a lessening of pride.

These are valuable and necessary spiritual qualities. If we are devoted to a high ideal such as Buddha-Dharma-Sangha, then we have the understanding that there is something greater than ourselves.

The devotion we can have for that ideal is manifested in giving our love and admiration, respect, and gratitude, which are very important and helpful qualities to develop.

But the Buddha taught that blind faith is useless. Blind faith means that one believes what one is told without personal investigation, that one has faith in something that one's family adheres to, or because it has been written down in special books, because it has been transmitted from teacher to disciple, because it is something that one likes anyway, that promises some mystical revelation, or because the teacher is a respected person.

These are not reasons to follow a spiritual path. Do not believe because somebody told you! But if there is some wisdom in the mind, and without it life would be quite unbearable, we can quite easily investigate whether our faith and devotion are justified. More

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