Friday, February 19, 2016

Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary (audio)

Eds., Wisdom Quarterly; RBGStreetScholar; Tobias Smith; Nina Simone (Netflix)
(RBGStreetScholar) Malcolm X: "By Any Means Necessary" speech+Interactive PDF Download
The Diary of Malcolm X
Malcolm X (a.k.a. Minister El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) delivered this speech in Detroit, Michigan on Feb. 13, 1965 -- the day after his home in New York was firebombed. He confessed to being tired and worried, but nonetheless he still showed up in Detroit. Many who present Malcolm X's words prefer to choose snippets of his development that most closely suits their sociopolitical agenda. This speech provides insight into Malcolm X's ideas as most developed delivered closest to his assassination (The Onez Who Fight Blk, Web. 3.0).

(Tobias Smith) Official trailer for "The Cotton Pickin Truth...Still on the Plantation." Featuring Dick Gregory, Mayor Johnny Thomas, Mae Louise Miller, George Wilson, and others.
During US Out of Vietnam period/Civil Rights Movement, police brutality was allowed.

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