Friday, February 12, 2016

Los Angeles Wild Mushroom Fair (video)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Gary Lincoff, (Foray), LA Arboretum
The mystery of organisms not relying on sun but on yin and DMT (
Bleeding tooth mushroom” (Hydnellum peckii) is a hydnoid species producing spores on surface of vertical spines or tooth-like projections that hang from underbelly of main stalk, found in No. America, So. America, Europe, Iran. Inedible, deadly even to touch (Top 10).
Wisdom Quarterly Mushroom Expedition in Santa Monica Mountains and river (WQ)

(Collective Consciousness)
Los Angeles Mycological Society (LAMS) is a non-profit group with the purpose of fostering and expanding the understanding and appreciation of mycology (the study of mushrooms and fungi).
LAMS creates and sponsors fun mushroom related events and helps people learn about and identify mushrooms found in the greater Los Angeles area. The Dharma deals with mushrooms because of a famous event in the Buddha's life. More
Mushrooms are Magic
(TellurideMushroom) Gary Lincoff on Magic Mushrooms that Heal Body and Soul (Psyche)
    “Veiled lady” (Dictyophora indusiata), Africa, with “lacy skirt,” showing that mushrooms originated netting and lace, not humans or spiders, inedible (Top 10).
    Macrocybe titans, which grows in Central America, is called “the world’s biggest mushroom” growing mostly in grassy areas of tropical/subtropical habitats, edible (Top 10).

      Hidden part of nature: there are mushrooms (fruiting bodies of mycelium) all around us.
      L.A. area trails are brimming with massive mushroom specimens after rains (WQ)
      One-Step Mushroom Growing Kits: (

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