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In 1421 Chinese "discovered" America (video)

CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly; PBS video
The Chinese lunar calendar tells us that February 8th, 2016 is New Year's Day!
China, once protected by a Great Wall, is the oldest continuous country on the planet.

Arriving from Mars in successive waves, the space aliens wanted an enclosed new world.
Father, is it true what they say? We were a great nation, an empire, arriving from Mars to uplift this planet and conceal the work of other aliens? - Stick out your tongue, dear. Let me feel your pulse. Your chi is blocked. Would you like some tea? (
"Mystery of the First Americans" ( was uploaded because of a "firestorm of white guilt" that drove "MensRightsTV" ( to promote three videos. Together they allegedly suggest that whites (Caucasoids/Europeans) were living in America before Native Americans (or at least before Siberian North Asians crossed the Bering Straits land bridge between the former USSR and the current USA).

(MensRightsTV) It always helps to have multiple documentaries to corroborate an issue. All three documentaries should be watched. [This is Number 2.] This is not meant to diminish the role of Native Americans. The real purpose of this video is to address a current issue: Massive immigration is being pushed by globalists who [allegedly] claim that white people in America should be displaced because we really do not belong here anyway. [Fear of] that is why this video has been uploaded. It is NOT meant to challenge the status of Native Americans/Indians. Here are a few keywords suggested by a recent comment: United States, Europe, Caucasian, France, America, documentary, history, culture, Kennewick Man, Ice Age Columbus, England, civil [racism, white privilege, implicit bias, conspiracy, PBS...]
In fact, bones dated to 50,000 before the present show aboriginal features or people we would label black. Native or indigenous Americans are constantly likened to Asians as if they have no other source or origin. The story is layered and complex and affected by off planet populations that mainstream science will not yet allow into the conversation.

There are the reds, the yellows, the blues, the pinks (whites), browns, the golden, the pale, sickly, the crepey skinned, the little people (many diminutive groups), the six-fingered, the red heads, the giants, those with two rows of teeth, those living inside the planet, those of us on the surface, earthlings on other planets, our descendants all over the place, the Denisovans, Neanderthals, Almas, yakshis (Yetis) and rakshasas, "bear people," wild men, nature guardians, hybrids, and those genetically manipulated from above.

Where do "white" people come from?
(CDF) A funny and well made video (rare on Youtube) that asks interesting questions we are normally not allowed to ponder in colonized Eurocentric countries. Sure to upset almost everyone, particularly those with biases. Description: My "conspiracy theory" on where white people come from. Donate. To request a topic email

Big Leshan Buddha, China
Human life, according to "forbidden anthropology" (e.g., see Michael Cremo, David Hatcher Childress, or Lloyd Pye), is exceedingly old, so much older than modern minds can conceive. The Buddha and others availing themselves of the mystical experiences open to us all, as well as communication with devas and other types of beings living alongside our ordinary human experience, know a story that is far more complex.

It does not fall into our neat categories. And our world is marred by European racism, modern guilt about it and push back because no one wants to feel guilty for crimes of ancestors. Fair answers will certainly not be coming from nearly all white crews working on Native American sites in search of "objectivity." 
The implicit bias is painful to see, even as well meaning people are blind to their bias, assumptions, and lines of research they pursue. Until we get some kind of parity, some kind of representation, all we can hope for is rationalization on top of former rationalization, burying the past, selective interpretation of data, and a helpless ball of "more of the same."

Out of respect for the oppressed who suffer in very real ways under the weight of white privilege, police racism, court racism, scientific racism, and medical racism, we can only look to all sources of data and information, both that favorable to the powers that be and that which contradicts the consensus reality we live in.

The "white" mummies of China
(AncientDiscoveryHistory) Secret Redheaded Mummies Found in China!

Chinese Buddha (
Happy fish cannot see the water. Disturbed or very thoughtful fish may start to get a glimpse of it. Those serve can hardly be expected to sympathize with the servant classes, but they may in time become sensitized.

Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal is not interested in giving in to white pressure to tell a pleasant story to ourselves. We want the truth, whatever that may be. It may color us in a bad light, and still we have to pursue it. Who would happily live in a self-serving delusion? There is such a thing as rebirth, and one does not get to come back as the same race, gender, caste, class, health, beauty, strength, longevity, and so on.
All of these are variables, and we cling to them when they favor our wishes and push back when they do not. (Karma is the reason for distinctions, so the need for wholesome deeds and merit cannot be overstated). We have to see that we are all in the same boat doing different things, suffering mightily under the authority of others.
And if and when we gain authority and without meaning to we oppress others. Why go on with this cycle when we can break it right now?
We can be fair and open right now, we can admit our faults and do all we can to treat people fairly, without bias, inclusively, learning from one another. For every genius, how many geniuses do we lose because we prejudge who can be a genius or in what way?

Women didn't used to be human. Nonwhites didn't used to count. Goodness knows, whites were mistreated.

Unknown to most of us, until recently there was no such thing as "white" then even when the notion came to be, who was in and who was out would shock us. (See, e.g., the work of professors Joy DeGruy, Michelle Alexander, or Gerald Horne). If we do not liberate ourselves (using the way of the Buddha or some other teaching that leads to freedom), who will liberate us?
"The Mystery of Love & Sex" (Center Theatre Group) [White] Charlotte is in love with her [black] best friend Jonny -- and her new "friend" Claire. How can she explain her love life to her parents, who are keeping intimate secrets of their own? The Mystery of Love & Sex offers an explosive look at romance, race, and our connections to each other in a world full of tangled and complicated differences.
The humanoids and earthlings on Mars today (must be covered up, so ignore this).
Squirrel alive and well on the "inhospitable" surface of Mars revealed by NASA photos.

White people are originally from Mars and Black people are native... ( The Chinese/Japanese race is certainly the only anomalous race on this... It is the African Zulu who have stated that they come from Mars and...
My oldest brother, who is also a great artist, came up with the craziest...A team of American and Chinese researchers working in a ...
...Almost all "Western" inventions were invented by the Chinese nearly...Yes, humans came from Mars.
( According to Chinese historical tradition, a man and a woman landed on the Moon... Within the city, Duparc came upon a mass of monoliths (once coated with....not only from the Moon, but from 40 million miles away on the small planet Mars.
( The bloodlines of European royalty came from the Reptilian-Aryan bloodlines of Babylon...of the Egyptians with its equivalent in India, Asia, China, and elsewhere...which seems to have originated on Mars, and the reptile-human bloodlines...
Mars in culture (Wikipedia) In ancient China, the advent of Mars was taken as a portent for "bane, grief, war...Thus originated a large number of science fiction scenarios, among which is...
Martian language (Chinese) Martian language (Chinese 火星文, Pinyin huǒxīng wén, literally "Martian script," 吙☆魰) is the nickname of unconventional representation of Chinese...
Mars - The Lost History of Mankind ( It is plausible that in the very distant past Mars was once a fertile planet with water, vegetation, and other forms of life. On the barren red planet we find many dried up...
Ancient Mars, Page 1 (Above Top Secret) Ancient Chinese astronomers named the planet Mars the "Fire Star. ... This is why no rebuttal of these images has come up to this day.
I think that you are right. I also think we could have come from Mars. ....Updated: Alien Saves Man's Life In China Car Accident, Sept 2012...

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