Sunday, February 7, 2016

Coldplay and Beyonce [screw] India (video)

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Hey, mofos, I do this to make money. Ask Jay-Z. What part do you suckas not get?

We decoupled for a reason (ED).
It's like we can hear gold angel Gwyneth Paltrow -- the most hated woman in Hollywood behind Anne Hathaway and that guy with the, you know what -- saying, "I told you Chris Martin was an ______." But nobody listened. Why didn't we listen to her?

Metallica can't handle the limelight, and we have to watch a halftime show of whining wuss music, and why? Coldplay needs another hit. Hey, I know, let's take this India s__ Gwynnie's always on about and make a hit video out of it. Beyonce, you on board? You can be a Bollywood actress. I mean, what the 'ell do viewers know Bollywood from Hollywood? We're going to make millions!

Kiss of death for lame musician (G).
The second single from Coldplay's "acclaimed" new album, "A Head Full of Dreams" (well, maybe not dreams, but full of something). Download the song, stream, or just listen to the radio which will be overplaying it, or why not borrow your grandmother's CD?
Beyonce has a lot of talents. Oh yeah. And she's a feminist. Put a ring on it. (BR)
Capitalism needs lame platitudes (ABC).

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