Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun at the Republican debate: Trump U (video)

Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly;;
(Triumph the Insult Comic Dog/Triumph on Hulu) Fake FOX News gals sent to Trump rally
(The Daily Conversation) The Donald trumps at the last Republican debate (High- and Lowlights from Feb. 25, 2016), Trump University scam and class action lawsuit...
(10th Republican Debate) Paul "the Vulture" Singer's choice for GOP nominee Marco Rubio lays into and gets the best of expert-bully Donald Trump who rides high in the polls with spectacle
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That does it! The wall will be 10 ft. higher!
The five remaining Republican presidential candidates debated in Houston, Texas, Thursday night in their final showdown before Super Tuesday. Candidates Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kaisch, and Dr. Ben Carson all attacked front-runner Donald Trump, who has won three out of the four primaries and caucuses to date. This comes as former Mexican President Vicente Fox spoke out in an interview with Univision and Fusion host Jorge Ramos about Trump’s repeated calls to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, which Trump says he would make Mexico pay for.
Vicente Fox: "I declare, I’m not going to pay for that [blee] wall. He should pay for it. He’s got the money."
Jorge Ramos: "Are you afraid that he’s going to be the next president of the United States? What would that mean?"
Vicente Fox: "Not at all. Not at all."
Jorge Ramos: "What would that mean for Mexicans?" More
War Criminal Hillary Clinton
War criminals Clinton and Kissinger
"I think Hillary Clinton has done everything right," says Stephanie Cutter in a recent "Meet the Press" panel, in which she is introduced as a Democratic campaign expert. But Cutter failed to disclose that the firm she co-founded, Precision Strategies, was retained by the Clinton campaign for "digital consulting."

"This is just one of many examples" notes The Intercept’s Lee Fang, who analyzed more than 50 different TV news segments. He discusses his latest article, "TV Pundits Praise Hillary Clinton On Air, Fail to Disclose Financial Ties to Her Campaign." More
Primary Questions: Bernie Sanders or Hillary? (This Modern World/Tom Tomorrow)

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