Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another World With Two Suns (video)

Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)

Maitreya watches from a world in space called Tusita. NASA claims to have discovered a double-solar system. But Earth itself is experiencing this anomaly in the sky. Explained away by disingenuous defenders of science. We are not "rational" beings, as we claim, but rationalizing beings.

We will not believe our own eyes when what they see does not suit our preconceptions. We will struggle against artifacts that do not fit our limited view of the world -- leading to denial, thought policing, and the rise of Defenders of the Faith within scientific fields.

We worship at the altar of Science and revere cryptic men in white lab coats and dare not question the strange things they tell us if two or more of them agree (peer reviewed consensus-reality constructing).

Yet, this is what "scientific" circles are reduced to, chasing grants that support a status quo only corporate entities could love. Michael Cremo exposes the phenomenon in his book Forbidden Archeology. But who pays attention?

There cannot be two suns in our sky. There is no Comet Elenin (until we say there is). No new planetary body is being photographed in our solar system. There are no massive crafts approaching from space. Eat chips, drink Kool-Aid, and tune out by tuning to TV. The Fall Season shows are about to start, and the CW racy this year.

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