Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent UFO sightings (video)

() It's April, 2011 and recent footage from around the world of the latest UFO sightings is scaring me. All of these videos have made international news, and no one can explain these phenomena. Don't believe in aliens? Watch this, and I guarantee you will begin to think otherwise. These videos span just two year, from 2009 to early 2011.
(, July, 2011) The untranslated clips speak for themselves. Facebook.com/groups/discl0sur3, YouTube.com/user/DISCL0SUR3

(, Aug. 2011) Newly discovered, top secret NASA video shows a UFO following the Space Shuttle in orbit during a recent mission. NASA refusing to comment on the alien UFO sightings, even ordering astronauts to keep silent.

Alien craft following the Space Shuttle, near misses as a UFO races toward Earth's atmosphere, detailed accounts from eyewitnesses including astronauts, presidents, celebrities, military officials and personnel, dignitaries, and heads of state -- what is it going to take? They have all reported alien UFO activity.

Most notably, former NASA astronauts, military and civilian pilots, have reported close encounters with UFOs.

NASA and our shadow government can no longer deny or successfully cover up crop circles, reports, alien abductions, and close encounters. Documented proof of UFO encounters are replaced by stacks of redacted pages -- yet our government claims it knows nothing.

Meanwhile, other governments confess. WikiLeaks reveals low level (White House and below) discussion. But there are many levels above "top secret." So an official confession will sooner come from the Pentagon than the Obama administration. UFO encounters are on the rise all over the world, more so in near Earth orbit, as if they [and there are many alien groups, not a single "other"] want to bypass world governments and make themselves known.

American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have been filming near misses with UFOs from the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS). Ground Control ignores the reports. One has to wonder, "What really happened to cause the fire on the MIR space station?" Visit launchpad39a.com for more videos.

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