Sunday, September 18, 2011

Could "Time Travel" possibly be real?

Coast to Coast (9/16/11), Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Wisdom Quarterly
Due to ignorance, one acts with consequences. Due to karma (action), there is rebirth. Due to rebirth there is pain, sadness...and this entire mass of "suffering." Nirvana is the end of suffering reached through meditation. But Dr. Goldberg, like the ancient Vedic Brahmins, proposes another way out of the karmic cycle.

It is possible, unbelievable but possible. Let us look at the evidence rather than relying on our preconceptions and biases. Coast to Coast host George Noory recently welcomed hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg to discuss:
  • exploration of other dimensions
  • time travel and travelers
  • glimpsing the future
  • ascension techniques
There is physical evidence of time travel. One piece is the baffling case of Rudolph Fentz, a Kansas man reported missing in 1876.

He mysteriously appeared in New York in the 1950s, when he was quickly struck and killed by a car. (Like a deer in the headlights, he did not know what these things were or the necessity of exercising extreme caution around them).

The morgue reported Fentz was sporting mutton chop sideburns and wearing 19th century clothes; he was carrying a five-cent beer token, a livery-stable bill, and a wad of antique money -- all fresh and showing no signs of age. Goldberg explained this case as evidence of early teleportation.

What is time? (

He also shared a surprising case of hypnotic progression (not regression) in which a man named John learned that he would become a time traveler in the 35th century.

"Our dreams contain fragments, because they are out-of-body experiences, of futuristic material," Goldberg says. "Through them one can access the past, present, and future, as well as parallel dimensions."

Goldberg (pictured left) offered a series of nighttime exercises to help anyone wishing to become a conscious out-of-body traveler. One can tap into what he calls our "higher self," the perfect part of us. Accessing our higher self can help soothe the bereaved and even provide healing, he suggests. It is the reason for his work.

Goldberg talks about the importance of "conscious dying" as an ascension technique. He describes it as a way to merge with the higher self at the moment of death in order to avoid the disorienting forces of the karmic cycle.

By way of example, Goldberg speaks of the case of an uncertain pianist named Edna. She died in 1979 and was reborn in 1981 as an empowered young girl named Paula, who played the piano and spoke of her past life.

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