Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Protesting Obama in Los Angeles (video)

Wisdom Quarterly, Occupy Wall Street Goes Global
(, Sept. 26, 2011) Thousands of supporters and protesters lined West Hollywood's Sunset Blvd. for a glimpse of Pres. [of the corporation] B.S. Obama, only to learn he and his entourage pulled in from a side street. What, no underground passageways like DC?

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California - Wouldn't it be great to have a black president? The Republicans may give us one -- if they can get their vast racist and fundamentalist contingencies to go along. Sure, some say previous presidents have been partly black, but imagine pizza man Herman Cain telling it like it is....

It wouldn't happen. He wouldn't tell it like it is. We may as well inherit Justice Clarence Thomas to the highest (public) office in the land. Those who are perched more highly -- at the NSA, NSC, Pentagon, CIA, and Moussad (not to mention the vast conspiracy known collectively as our Shadow Government) would get Cain to go along as they did Bush I, Bush II (Dubya/Cheney), and Bush III (Obama).

Occupy Los Angeles claiming to be Anonymous.

If Ron Paul keeps winning straw polls, they may stop using them.

Where is Candidate Obama when we need him? Where is the "change" he PROMISED? He was usurped by Complete-sellout Obama, who is almost certain to be re-(s)elected unless protesters have their way. Will there be more and bigger wars for the US, harsher and more tragic job loss rates, deeper debt and currency devaluation? If Obama has his way there will.

Who is better suited to hold office? True, the position is just a figurehead post, but it seems to affect us. Better the Great Communicator deliver the bad news than a right wing, hate-inspiring speaker. But we can think of a few names -- Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, the Green Party candidate, or straw poll favorite Other.

() Occupy Wall Street Manifesto: KILL ALEC (ALEC = American Legislative Exchange Council) the corporate-funded, right wing organization in charge of writing custom-made legislation to spread Republican lawmakers across the country who push state legislatures and Congress further to the right.

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