Friday, September 16, 2011

"Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault"

Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault (SoulSmack)

This documentary covers a common experience that is almost never spoken of -- sleep paralysis and supernatural assault.

One in five will experience this discomfiting to terrifying phenomenon. Victims wake to find they are fully alert yet unable to move or speak. Many experience frightening visions of lower astral being, entities, ghosts, demons, shadows, or an old woman known as "The Hag."

For others there is simply the unmistakable presence of evil. In extreme cases, these potentially supernatural attacks can occur for decades. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and entirely alone, victims may lead shattered lives dominated by fear and social stigma, ridicule, or psychologizing.

Those who seek medical advice are often misdiagnosed and labeled psychotic or schizophrenic. "Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault" explores the common yet greatly misunderstood phenomenon of sleep and the possibility of sleep paralysis.

This groundbreaking documentary contains interviews with actual victims, consults with experts, and offers advice on how to live with what might be your worst nightmare.

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