Sunday, September 18, 2011

"The Daily Show" wins 9th Emmy

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Intro - Jon Gives Emmy Thanks

The Daily Show wins [Ninth] consecutive Emmy!
Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Why is this news? The "news" presented to the American public is a joke -- a propaganda-laden PR campaign controlled by an impersonal process: Those corporate executives, executive editors, and in-the-know writers advance. There is governmental (regulation-wise) and extra-governmental (clandestine) help to those who promote a consensus reality that serves the military-industrial complex. Money is made (extracted from taxpayers and resources stolen from countries) through war, oil, and fear, installing "friendly" dictators and brutal regimes that are friendliest to the West. But when the joke is turned on the status quo and viewers are let in on what's really going on -- as with similar shows spawned by The Daily Show -- thanks to subversive comedy. It now comes regularly via the Colbert Report, a dwindling number of Saturday Night Live skits, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, and others -- that's news. More Americans now get the news from shows pretending to be news as a joke. The others get our news from cynical joke shows pretending to be news, like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN (CIA), and largely subservient local stations (with precious few exceptions that show signs of independence to small markets).
How the Emmy award got its name

The coveted statuette's name was inspired by a failed WWII gadget that revolutionized TV. Presidential links

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