Monday, September 19, 2011

Testosterone Makes the Man

PFC Michael Sandoval, Ashley Wells (Wisdom Quarterly)
Liberal Brian and closeted, hyper-masculine killer Stewie in the Army (Fox TV)

Sadly most US men suffer from "testosterone poisoning" or they behave like they do. From the example of our political leaders (Clinton's satyriasis, Hillary's lesbianism, Pres. Obama's bisexuality) to the use of toxic plastics and other major sources of xenoestrogens, our hormones are all over the map.

This hormone disruption is inflamed by hyper-masculinity in video games, sports, music, gun use and, oddly, homosexuality. Sexual misconduct of obsession and acting like wolves leads to indiscriminate behavior with almost any receptive and some unreceptive partner.

In the military, for example, sexual assault and rape are commonplace. Many of those attacks are male on male. Just as Afghan Pashtuns are accused and condemned for engaging in bacha bazi (dancing boy pederasty/molestation), US soldiers hypocritically engage in similar behavior in the name of top dog pirate/prison machismo. Pirates are famous for the booty they make off with, and they are not the only ones.

A new report, however, reveals that it is a biological trick. Genes and social training gear men for excessive interest in spreading seeds and making conquests, upping the chances of impregnating someone and spreading those genes. But when the baby comes, dwoop! Testosterone levels drop precipitously -- and with those levels attitudes must change uncomfortably. Suddenly it's my daughter, and I think I know what men are thinking when they look at her. Testosterone makes men, not fatherhood. But NPR disagrees.

Fatherhood, Not Testosterone, Makes The Man
(NPR, Weekend Edition, Sept. 17, 2011) A new study says that when men become fathers, our testosterone levels drop. Like a brick. I doubt that many fathers are surprised. Transcript

Heidi Klum is the most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace, according to a new list compiled by Internet security developers McAffee. One in ten websites that come up in searches have more than pictures. They have viruses and malware that ruin computers and steal personal information. It is not only supermodels and scandalous actresses. Number 3 on the list is CNN's Larry King replacement Piers Morgan. But most searches are seeking salacious photos of women.

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