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There are many Aliens, few scary (video)

Wisdom Quarterly Science and Exopolitics
() Greys are one kind of ET and only one kind. They are very advanced, and their motives are mixed.

It's impossible. Impossible. Exopolitics is a waste of time, not worthy of investigation. Even if there were "extraterrestrials," what would they want with Earth or Earthlings? Nothing. So that proves it. That proves there are no aliens. What about these videos? Expensive hoaxes? Government disinformation? Disfigured Russian mutants sent to scare us in a flying saucer prototype as a plot to cause panic?

Former S4 scientist Bob Lazar worked for the shadow
government reverse engineering and whistle blowing.

Beyond Light Speed Communication
Scientist, filmmaker, and mystic ecologist David Sereda was on the radio last night (9/27/11) talking about his development of a faster than light speed radio communications device. It does not use radio waves, which travel much more slowly than light speed.

It utilizes organic minerals and crystals to create tiny wormholes capable of amplifying normal waves. Major hints about how the technology operates were given, but the exact details remain secret. Others have stumbled on the phenomenon without publishing their finds or falling into the trap of patenting (which notifies official who then bury the innovation and, usually, the innovator).

He uses this device to talk to distant star systems he names -- and made Noory a remarkable offer: Send me questions, and I'll send them out, and you will get answers that will amaze you.

He communicates with entities in the Pleiades, although an astronomer called in to say that was impossible. The caller was rebuffed as Sereda pointed out that he well understood not only the mechanics of communication but also of cosmography. Terms such as Pleiades may be imperfect but they are not used ignorant of what science means by them.

() Coast to Coast's Art Bell asked
for Area 51 employees to phone in. One did.

Recent scientific news that neutrinos can move at faster than light correlates with Sereda's new device, he noted. In August of 2010, he sent his first transmission to the Pleiades "star system," as it were, some 444 light years away. He claims to have received a loud telepathic voice response that woke him out of bed and provided him with far more information than he ever expected.

One year later he transmitted a new set of questions to the same coordinates about Earth changes, the comet Elenin, and a request for the ETs to safely appear in Arizona -- in spite of shadow government attacks on their crafts (with secret weaponry in space and on the surface of the planet such as the Star Wars missile defense system Pres. Reagan argued for).

The Alien Interview documentary

The next day Sereda claims a mysterious "timed signal" appeared for the first time in the magnetic spectrum his device is able to monitor. It lasted for one day in Sedona, Arizona and was followed by a strange series of earthquakes that rattled from Colorado to Virginia. He also offered to send questions of George's via his device to his Pleiadian contacts.

Sereda further claims he witnessed a 7 to 8 foot tall "space age-looking woman" pointing a device at his daughter. He conjectured that his communications might have opened up a portal.

() It looks fake, but it is backed by "Victor," who verifies its authenticity. Let viewers decide.

() Remember that Alien Interview documetary (see above) from the 90s? If not watch those before starting this one. This video is the brand new 2008 re-visit and interview with "Victor," the man who allegedly smuggled video footage of an EBE out of Area 51.

() Harvesting "free energy" from the Earth's electromagnetic thunderstorms or what Wilhelm Reich referred to as subtle "orgone" energy.

Spinning Judeo-Christian Mythology into 2012 Hysteria

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