Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kony 2012 is a "white savior" SCAM (video)

Sonali Kolhatkar (UprisingRadio.org), Emira Woods; ; Jason Margolis (TheWorld.org)
Invisible Children founders and filmmakers pose with soldiers from the Sudan People's Liberation Army near the Congo-Sudan border in April 2008 (Glenna Gordon).

The film “Kony 2012” is the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever seen.
Few Americans online this week have missed the excitement and furor over the super-viral video Kony 2012. It has been clicked (not actually watched all the way through) 70 million time on YouTube since its March 5th posting. The 27 minute video produced by the activist group “Invisible Children, Inc.” is a follow up to their 2006 documentary “Invisible Children” on child soldiers, child abuse, and child molestation in Uganda's Civil war. The [Christian] San Diego based group advocates war -- American military intervention, helping to pass a 2010 bill and supporting a 2011 decision by the Obama administration to deploy 100 special forces soldiers to assist in the kill/capture of Joseph Kony, commander of the insurgent Lords Resistance Army. The video advertises an “Action Kit” it sells containing stickers and bracelets for $30 US dollars while “redefining the propaganda.” More

(, via Uprising Radio: I originally recorded this video response for an Al Jazeera program on KONY 2012. Twitter me at @rosebellk. Love without power is sentimental and anemic. My other perspectives on Kony 2012. Want to provide urgent help for Ugandan children? Learn more from a Ugandan photographer raising awareness of Nodding Disease.

Kony 2012, Terrible or Terrific?
The film “Kony 2012” is the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever seen.

What? The filmmakers behind Kony 2012 are an inspiration. They are shedding a light on a neglected conflict, spurring people to action and saving lives [and just making a little money exploiting half truths].

For those who aren’t among the nearly [70] million people, and rapidly growing, who have watched Kony 2012 online, the film is about Joseph Kony, a notorious Ugandan warlord who heads the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA. His group is said to have abducted 60,000 children over the years, turning boys into brainwashed soldiers and girls into sex slaves.

I reported a 4-minute radio story about the 30-minute film yesterday, its incredible popularity and success in bringing light to an important topic. I also reported on the controversy surrounding the film -- it’s inaccurate... More

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