Friday, March 9, 2012

Occupy Los Angeles: Int'l Women's Day;; Wisdom Quarterly; Occupy-Yourself
Dylan Ratigan's “This Thanksgiving, Occupy Yourself” (Huffington Post) helped crystallize my feelings and hopes with our grand new social justice movement (Occupy Yourself).

LOS ANGELES, California - Just as Occupy Yourself is settling in and the Occupy Movement is consolidating around the principle of nonviolence -- something females seem to have an affinity for -- International Women's Day is here. LET'S SHOW SOLIDARITY:

Join, a national community of the 99% initiated by, for a national day of action on International Women’s Day to break up big banks.

Think superheroines (and superheroes), heroes and sheroes in costumes enjoying a REALLY Free Market. How? The old Occupy LA site will be surrounded and [Arab] Spring Street will be closed down for a block party. Close down a Bank of America account in solidarity. Shut it down, and deposit your money to a credit union or a small local bank.

  • PHOTOS: Buddha in an Occupy Tent (PHOTOS) St. Paul's Occupy Spiritual Tent ( Many occupations -- small independent towns with homes, bakeries, cobblers, speaker platforms, silk screening shops... -- also had sacred temples. The Buddha was ubiquitous echoing Tibet and Burma's Saffron Revolutions as occupiers stood up and went against the stream with Mother Goddess and Eastern figures and even the authentic Jesus encouraging crusades for justice.

SATURDAY, MARCH 10th: The Women’s Circle at Occupy LA and others are hosting a rally starting at 11:00 am. Meet at the former occupation site: LA City Hall. We will encircle City Hall with fabric and fabulous women, their children, and friends. More

  • Contact, (310) 827-4320 to join the planning of Women Occupy/Codepink events.
  • Contact Julia and/or SULU at (213) 293-SULU for SULU events.
  • Endorsed by the Topanga Peace Alliance, Green Festival LA, and more!

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