Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Miss Representation" (documentary)

University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Patt Morrison Show; Wisdom Quarterly
UPC presents: Miss Representation (

Miss Representation explores women's under-representation in positions of power and influence and challenges the limited and often disparaging portrayals of women in media.

Writer/director Jennifer Siebel Newsom brings together some of America's most influential thought leaders in politics, news, entertainment, and academia -- including Condoleezza Rice, Katie Couric, Geena Davis, Lisa Ling, Marissa Mayer, Cory Booker, Jean Kilbourne, and Jackson Katz -- to give us an inside look at the media's messaging.

As one of the most persuasive and pervasive forces of communication in our culture, mainstream media is educating yet another generation that a woman's primary value lies in her youth, beauty, and sexuality rather than in her capacity as a leader.

Females Misrepresented in the Media
The 2011 documentary “Miss Representation” explores the way women in powerful positions in America are portrayed.

Hillary Clinton is described by one female commentator as looking “haggard,” and a guest on “The O’Reilly Factor” says the downside of having a woman in the White House is the “PMS and mood swings.” The preponderance of images in the media glorifies and exploits looks and beauty.

Through interviews with women in film and television, the news media and the political arena, from Condoleezza Rice to Katie Couric, Margaret Cho and Geena Davis, the documentary challenges the media’s limited portrayal of womanhood and what the objectification of women says to young girls.

On International Women’s Day, Patt explores whether women have really come a long way, baby. More

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Suzzan said...

This is so important for our world.
Parents teach your daughters to be strong women and your sons to respect women.
Seek out books, movies, tv shows with female heroes.
Vote to put women in power. The world needs more female energy in leadership positions. There is a gross imbablance which needs to be counteracted. Spread word of this documentary around to raise awareness of this issue.