Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japanese tsunami anniversary (audio)

Dedicated to my wife, Mikamika620, her family, and the people of Japan (Dan DeMura/

One Year Ago (March 11th)
This month one year ago Japan was hit by a massive 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami -- damage from which the country is still recovering. The worst was yet to come as General Electric built TEPCO nuclear power plants in Fukushima began to melt down, pouring contaminated cooling water and a gyre of debris moving toward the west coast of the US. The Japanese Buddha in this collage was photographed on a trip to Japan, New Year's 2010.Fukushima One Year Later
LISTEN: It has been one year since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster overwhelmed Japan. The accident began with a massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan’s northeastern coast. It destroyed the radioactive power plant’s electrical system, causing a loss of cooling systems resulting in a reactor meltdown. More than 300 workers received harmful radiation doses while attempting to contain the meltdown…. More

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