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Who brought Buddhism from Asia? (video)

(videos); Wisdom Quarterly

Buddhist cosmology is replete with talk of titans -- giants who came from off the planet. This will seem preposterous to us since we are exposed to carefully orchestrated propaganda that "UFOs" and "aliens" are all "little green men" nonsense. The fact is there are many humanoid type being, whom we can probably classify as "human," throughout space.

Religions speak of visiting "angels" and "demons," and in Buddhism they are akasha (space or sky) devas and asuras. They are not very different, apparently, because Sakka the Leader (Indo) of the Devas married an asuran princess, daughter of the leader of the asuras, Vepacitti.

The titans (asuras) were red and blonde headed giants. They bred with humans in biblical lands (Sumeria, Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Tarim Basin, and east of there). Greek, Mayan, Aztec, Indian (Vedic Civilization), Egyptian, Sumerian, and Buddhist lore all speak of these beings, their origins in space, their conquest of parts of this planet, their departure, and their promises to return.

  • Begins at Minute 5:20. Part 1 of 3. Steve Quayle reports a wrecked "time machine" found in Afghanistan embedded in the ground and a labyrinth of underground military bases being guarded by the US military. Their existence accords with Buddhist cosmology of ancient titans (asuras) and subterranean nagas. The EU Times reported the story, which was picked up for ridicule. To accept one truth requires we revise many things, and that is so uncomfortable a prospect that most of us say No!

Call them Nephilim, Annunaki, Nagas (reptialians or feathered serpents), Sun gods, sky gods, archangels, angels, demons, reptilians, ogres (yakkhas), or titans. Even aboriginals refer to them in their lore, ceremonies, and cave inscriptions in Australia and Africa (e.g., the Dogon). No human group has remained unvisited.

The effort to conceal evidence, much of it with the help of the Smithsonian Museum, leaves us in the dark arguing about unambiguous artifacts, mummies, massive tools, and incomprehensibly advanced temples, space observatories, and architectural feats we could not replicate now much less 12,000+ years ago (e.g., Gobekli Tepe).

In addition, there are misdated Egyptian sites that are far, far older than we are allowed to know by such egomaniacal nationalist obstructionists like Egyptian Zahi Hawass former Head of Antiquities. If someone prior to the ancestors of those living in Egypt now were the builders, think of the disgrace for proud modern Egyptians.

The same is true of the Chinese who have been hiding their ancient pyramids from the outside world for fear of white supremacists taking credit for them. But it was not whites. It was titans calling themselves "Sun gods" who had come from space. Their claims to be mighty beings from the Sun, the most visible and impressive object in the ancient Chinese sky, conceals the details of their origins in what the Buddha called Tavatimsa, the "Realm of the Thirty-Three," from which they were cast out onto Earth, at the base of Mt. Sumeru (Sumer, Sumeria, Babylon), the very geographical region of greatest interest to them.

American and British and Russian imperialists all concealed the treasured they found in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Central Asia since it did not accord with their own lore about themselves. How could non-whites have made these great monuments, arts, and civilized accomplishments? Chinese capitalists, taking a cue from Americans occupying Afghanistan bought the mining rights to Mes Aynak, Afghanistan the world's largest Buddhist monastic complex -- and will destroy before it can even be fully documented much less salvaged and restored or moved to museums -- because of the profits to be made through the sale of copper and rare earths.

Ancient Greek and Chinese historians had long referenced a unique Eurasian cultural and ethnic group with red or blonde hair and blue eyes since the 3rd Century BCE. They settled what is now Afghanistan and forged a vibrant Buddhist empire that spread Buddhism to much of the world through China and India.

Mysterious 4,000-year-old mummies in the deserts of China with "white Europoid" features and clothing, Aryan Proto-Indo-European/Iranian features.

His 6 foot, 6 inch (2 m) tall body and clothes and artifacts discovered in the surrounding tombs suggest the highest level of civilization in the ancient Tarim Basin region. Yingpan Man, a nearly perfectly preserved Caucasoid mummy, was discovered in the region that bears his name. He not only had a gold foil death mask -- an ancient Greek tradition -- covering his blonde bearded face, but also wore elaborate golden embroidered red and maroon garments with seemingly Western European designs.

Thousands of years before the Silk Road, they were probably the earliest modern inhabitants of the area. Dr. Cremo ( explains the inutterable antiquity of human life on Earth, which leads to the understanding that humans have inhabited various regions for countless millenia.

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